Thursday, February 4, 2010

What if ??

I was watching the trailer for Adam and it really got me thinking. Actually I was talking to a friend about it.

The question: What if?

What if you went against all odds and made the decision to be with someone you love even though everyone says he's not right for you?

What if you decided to go into a career path that no one was supporting you through because they thought you could do better?

What if you finally quit the job you hate and pursued your wildest dream?

What if you spent all your savings and finally took that vacation you've always wanted?


It's whats stopping all of us from leaping into the unknown. From jumping into what we've always wanted to do but have always been afraid of the question... what if it doesn't work out?

But what if it does?!? The last thing I want on my conscious for the rest of my life is questioning my decision and always asking myself what if it did work out? Where would I be then?


Snake Charmer said...

i love this question...most people look at what if and see the thing that they fear come to life..idk ive always been a believer in taking that chance- taking that risk..thats what life is right? a series of moments where u can choose whether or not to follow ur heart :)

Farnnay said...

I'm one of those people that sits and asks myself "what if I had done it?" and there are many a things that I regret not doing because of that fear. I wish I didnt have that fear and that I could do things on impulse and on a whim, but theres so many reasons why I cant? sigh.

Heckety said...

Oh I'm so with you on this- the things I regret are the times I let fear stop me from taking a chance. The times I've just gone for it have been crazy perhaps but nothing too awful has happened. In fact many times I took a chance and everything worked out fine- like going to work in Africa by myself straight out of what sort of eejit does that????

Little T said...

Wow! Get out of my head! I have been thinking so much lately about fear and the times in my life when I let it take me over and allow me to make excuses to not do things. I just decided recently that I will do what I fear most and so far it is working out great! Having faith in the unknown is one of the first steps in knowing what is right for you and your life will come to you; no matter what. Great post. Thanks!

Mrs. Cullen said...

I love this post. Story of my life

MarjnHomer said...

isnt the what ifs a whisper from shaitaan because as muslims we believe in predestination. that what was suppose to happen, did in fact happen and we could not change the outcomes.

supreem said...

that is such a good question. and i was thinking the same thing. what if... ? i like your second one. it really speaks my life... don't people know that we can gauge our capabilities. Someone shouldn't have the right to think on our behalf. :(

Heckety said...

You guys and your comments make me laugh so much! Thank you for not entering the book giveaway- its very considerate of yous!
Keep the comments coming!!! And did you see the joke I posted on Timeless Treasures today? My sister emailed it to me and now it really is stupid!!!!!

Artistic Logic said...

What if you decided to go into a career path that no one was supporting you through<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
this was me

Anonymous said...

"What if you went against all odds and made the decision to be with someone you love even though everyone says he's not right for you?"
this is me right now.

thank you

LS said...

wow! Thank you so much for this post, it really got me thinking about all those missed opportunities that I could've experienced in life. A person once said: "Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity" and that has sort of become my motif for life now...

Jane In The Jungle said...

I do try to live by this and am teaching my children the fear, it'll hold you back every time! I did choose to be with the one everyone said no married 17 yrs, 4 kids, and 22 yrs together...not bad I'd say!

controlled chaos said...

This might be weird. But right now, I'm not really getting the big deal.

Okay so you didn't. So what. Get over it. what's gonna happen is gonna happen. You never know if the thing you end up risking is actually the thing you shouldn't have done.

Life can be a risk either way.

I mean, yeah I have regrets like I should have done this and done that but most of them aren't a result of fear they're a result of stupidity. And me reacting on my gut.

Fear isn't the thing that holds you back. It's a lot of other things like common sense.

Fear doesn't just work one way. It works both ways. It can be the reason you should follow the 'what if' and it can be the reason why you shouldn't.

controlled chaos said...

Correction * fear isn't the ONLY thing that holds you back....*

Facta Non Verba said...

Adam is such a good movie!! Did nobody notice that was the most important fact:)

Fear --> how i loath you - I wont speak with you.

Nomadic Cognition said...

SC- I love and hate this question. I suppose I would take the risk if it's worth then..but if I think the risk is not worth it then am I going against my heart? Hmm.. not sure.

CA- I think it's a good question to ask b/c it helps you make choices in the future. But just as MarjnHomer said, it's sometimes pointless b/c what's done is done. There no going back.

Heckety- Where'd you go in Africa? I really want to go too after I graduate this semester.

Little T- lol apparently we have unknown telepathic communication going on between our heads :)

Mrs Cullen (without an S)- thanks :)

MarjnHomer- I agree ... you can't change what happens b/c its qadr Allah. I just think that you help question yourself for the future so you make better decisions inshaAllah.

Supreem- sometimes everyone feels that they have a right on our decisions and our life. But at the end of the day it's us who will have to live with those decisions.

AL- how do you feel about your decision?

Anonymous- your welcome!

Fatima- I love the quote!!

Jane in the Jungle- that's awesome, I really admire that! :)

CC- I agree that there is much more than fear going on when you're deciding to take a risk. Of course one has to be pragmatic when it comes to life. But sometimes when there's not legitimate reason but fear holding us back, why hold back? Why not ask Allah to help us through it and see the fruits of that effort and dua? But when everything is done and said, you're right, we have to get over it and move on.

Facta Non Verba- haha! I still have to watch the movie! It looks really good.

Artistic Logic said...

i feel like starting all over again lol
but i also feel accomplished so im glad i did what i did, alhamdulilah