Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Me likey likey u. U likey likey me.

Lol yayyuh!

I would have to say my music tastes border on the LSD side of the spectrum. Meaning 60s spectacular. Ok like indie music. Anyways the whole point of this was that I moved to Dubai - and my kind of music is not at all the norm. I mean even in amerca it wasn't the norm but there were places that I could discover music I liked or talk to people who liked the same stuff…over here it's british/american mainstream-well mainly just American: all mixed with a little bit of trance. I like trance. Actually I love trance, talk about a silver lining ;).

I have had many firsts coming here like it was the first time I've ever been at the top of the tallest building in the world. Or the first time I ever ate at a restaurant completely carved out of ice- including the table and chairs. Or the first time I rode an atv through the desert- which was by far the greatest experience ever for someone whose too scared to get her stupid license! But one of my most memorable firsts was getting a root canal here. It was the first time I got treated outside of the united states and also the first time I visited an Iranian hospital. Yes apparently Iranian state hospitals are common in the middle east -insert shrugging shoulders here- anywho, both the dentist and othodontist were super sweet and tortured me relentlessly "just to make sure" they said. Make sure my ass more likely. So the root canal happened two days ago and I'm still a little loopy from the drugs that I have to take every 8 hrs... As u might have been able to guess. So yeah ...I'm gonna go now and perhaps come back another day to inform u all of my adventures in Dubai !

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Mrs. Cullen said...

Dubai is cool and I'd like to go there BUT I don't know why they are always aiming for the biggest and the best. Why does it have to be competitive and why do they have to have the tallest building. I dunno. Maybe its just me. But I just don't see the point. I understand they will get a lot more tourist this way. But still. I'd rather go somewhere that has natural beauty. Not a place that has to create so much crap for people to come and see. But I hope you are having fun:)

Anonymous said...

Wait...you MOVED there? I thought you were just on some really long vacation!! Fill me in.

And please share some pictures, I'd like to seeeeeeee. :)

Little T said...

Yes, photos and more on Dubai. Once you sober up:-)

controlled chaos said...

Wait... you MOVED THERE?!!!!!

I'm so freaking confused.

i wanna cry

Artistic Logic said...

u told me you're visiting =(

Youthful Wisdom said...

OMG atv-ing is soo much fun! You never get enough of it! =D

Snake Charmer said...

Mrs. Cullen: I love that Dubai is so ambitious. I LOVE their drive, I love that they want to be bigger and better and they're continously improving life here. I love that passion- which is frankly missing, desperately, in America.
And I am most definitely having fun :)

To the rest of you:
I came out here to visit for a week and then decided to stay :)
so yeah I moved here and I effing love it!

supreem said...

lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i finally know your secret identity!!!!!!!