Sunday, February 14, 2010

Internet, you are awesome.

"You have reached the end of the internet. "

I have always wanted to see if that ^ is possible. I'm sure its not but I think I saw it on The Simpsons once; wouldn't it be cool though? You would feel like you accomplished something; maybe they would even have a certificate you could print out and display in your cubicle. Or perhaps you would feel like a loser because apparently you had nothing better going on in your life. Hm.

Anyways, random finding of the day. The internet was actually invented as a means for agencies to be able to interact better with one another, surprise surprise (or something like that--I'm sure it was more of a surveillance thing). It was never meant to become so widely used but I guess somewhere in between some wise guy thought "Hey what a great way to make boat loads of money!" And since money makes the world go round, the internet as we know it was invented. Which by the way, Al Gore had nothing to do with. Please ignore him if he tells you otherwise. I have a feeling he invented global warming though.

So back to the internet. I don't know who but some talk was going on about making internet a privilege rather than a right, and to enforce that people would have to obtain licenses to use it. I really didn't get how any of that would work, but I thought I would pass the word along. Vive la révolution!!

Anyways in my humble opinion, I think the internet did wonders (in most ways but not all) to the world. For one, it made the world a much smaller place. Example: I "attended" my cousins wedding party from 10,000 miles away because they were able to set up web-cams and broadcast it to us. Interesting, no? Also, it gave me a means to keep in touch with my friends who are scattering around the USA slowly, or at least Simply Me has.

I can go to any computer, anywhere and access full text of the Quran in Arabic, English and 5 other languages! This means I don't have to worry about carrying around the Quran which means I don't have to worry about always being in a state of Wudu to touch or hold the Quran (Wudu is an ablution we perform before praying and it is also needed in order to recite the Quran in Arabic-- It is done as a respect towards the sacred text and because we should always be in a purified state-- mind, heart, and body--when we are doing any form of prayer). So when I have a lunch break at work and nothing else to do, I can easily pull up a chapter of the Quran. Of course coworkers may get wary and suspicious, but that's another story. Maybe I'll just stick to the English version at work ;).

It gives easy access to information of all kinds, good thing and bad thing, so we'll have to work on that one. But by the good thing, I mean, didn't you watch Confessions of a Shopaholic where she Googles "angle on a story" on her first day at work? Please don't tell me you have not used Google for a similar situation.

And lastly, if there was no internet, we would be in no better position than Neanderthals. We might as well move into caves and start rubbing stones together for fire. I kid. I meant, if we had no internet, then how would you have gotten to know us here at Symph. Discord? That's reason enough to love the internet, if I do say so myself.


Artistic Logic said...

p.s. if the text is showing up highlighted on your screen , im sorry i can't figure out how to fix it!!

Almost Close said...

i have found the last page of the internet:

now where is my certificate???

Artistic Logic said...

ahahhahahah awesome

Constructive Attitude said...

LOL at AC.

Tricia said...

What would we do without the internet?!

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hhahah AC that was amazing

Artistic Logic said...

who is AC? im so confused

provoking invoking said...

i'm pretty sure AC is JH