Thursday, February 18, 2010

Change of Mind

Sometimes I change my mind. This time I changed my mind on what I said in my "What if"post.

I finally watched Adam and let me tell you all... I LOVED it. It was just so real.

(If you have not watched the movie and don't want to know the ending stop reading now.)

And you know what, I loved the ending. It didn't make me think "what if."

It made me think, wow life works out perfectly. Had Adam and Beth ended up together he would have never been forced to try to live on his own. He needed her during the time after his father's death to cope and to ease his transition into life as a man on his own two feet.

It makes me think that we cross paths with people at perfect times, never too early and never too late. Like Allah has already planned when we'll need that person and then conveniently places that person in your life during that time.

Maybe those friendships diverge later on in life but sometimes that's just okay because at least we can look back and say, Man, I really gained something great from my friendship with that person.

Realizing that alone makes you get over the sad, the regret, the questions of what could have been, and lets you savor the memories of happiness you once had.


C said...

Mrs. Cullen said...

whyyyyyy would you do this? i'm so tempted to read the post

roo said...


Constructive Attitude said...

I thought we were watching this on SUNDAY. BLAH

Anonymous said...

I saw the trailer to this movie and it looks soooooooooooooo cute.

And I stopped reading after the 4th sentence since you said not to continue!


Chuckle said...

wow i read the post. and this is the story of my life. i think God meant for me to read this.

controlled chaos said...

Yay i win!

Facta Non Verba said...

Hahaha!!! Finally. Yeah.I told you - it was basically the point of the what if article- I don't usually admit this but that movie is pretty much one of my favorite*new* movie - just keep it on the low.

supreem said...

one of the best movies EVER!