Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part...until we meet again in the afterlife of course!

December 27th was my one year anniversary! I wanted to be all cute and post something on 12 am December 27th BUT clearly as you can see THAT didn't happen. It was cuz I was in Canada and didn't have a post prepared nor was I willing to sit and write one since I was so damn exhausted from attending the RISconference, which BTW was great!


So yes, I spent my anniversary + 3 extra days at an Islamic Conference in another country. Oh and C.C was with us too!! Hiii C.C!! =] OMG that reminds me, on the measly 4 hour drive to Toronto, we pulled over twice because my bladder was acting outta control and boy can I tell you that the public "washrooms" in Canada are SO FREAKING CLEAN! At least the ones I used. They had an inspection sheet posted on the wall and these washrooms were cleaned every 15-20 minutes. NOW that's what I call service!! I think Canadians have time to spend cleaning their washrooms because hellooooo, they have universal healthcare and we all know that just makes everything sooooooo much better. Really. Ok so back to my non-i-versary. Basically at 12 am anniversary night, my husband and I looked at each other, smiled and said, "Happy anniversary". And you know whaaaat? That was totally OK! I remember at the beginning of December, A.L. asked what I'd be doing on my anniversary and I told her I'd most likely be at the Islamic conference. She said, "have a GOOD time at RIS and at your 1st anniversary. its perfect, you will spend a weekend uplifting your islamic spirituality TOGETHER... that's perfectly romantic <3"


And AL was so right! Who says gifts have to be wrapped? Or that you even need to exchange gifts? My husband and I were together, safe, happy and healthy! We didn't need to go on a date or to dinner/movies to enjoy our 1st year together. I think being at the conference together was more memorable than throwing an anniversary party or getting some blingblingchingching, not that there's anything WRONG with that ifyouknowwaimsayen. ;)

The husband makes me happy. Real happy. I should tell him that more often. I'm usually too busy imitating karate moves, pinching his cheeks and throwing fake punches his way. don'task cuz I aint gonna tell.

Oh btw: Happy one day belated birthday to C.C!! And happy 2 week belated birthday to C.A.! Danggggggg everybody's gettin' old! ;)

Until next time, peace!


Constructive Attitude said...

Excuse you. I'm not getting old.

Artistic Logic said...

=) I love your posts.

I can hear you talking.

Little T said...

Happy Anniversary. I am glad to see the little things still matter to some.

Loredana said...

Happy Anniversary! And whatever makes you happy, you did, as long as you 2 were together, that's what matters. Actually it also matters that you made it the year ;-)

Here's to many, many more years!!

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Im so behind.


PS, yeah we have clean bathrooms. We're generally a clean country.

I love Canada.

Send me home!

Mrs. Cullen said...

I love this post! Your so cute, promise.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

That's good that you guys were having a good time even if you weren't doing anaything cliche' which I'm totally in favor of.

Our first year of living together.. we weren't even on the same STATE!!! so we texted our "anniversaries" stuff :)

Youthful Wisdom said...

This post was great :) Has it really been a year? Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!

Ambar: I know how you feel! Except, we were living in different states for the first 6 months. :)

YW: What do you mean "has it really been a year?" girllllll

and Whyyyyyy am iii the only author who gets anonymous virus filled comments?? My other post had like 40 of them! So freaky

provoking invoking said...

out of control bladder hm? sounds like a symptom of.. PREGNANCYY!!! haha jus givin you a hard time but inshaALLAH a lil bundle of joy is on the way soon. make it happen before the next anniversary ;)!

Anonymous said...

PI: NO! Not planning on popping it out before the next anniversary. Lol. Unless of course Allah wills.