Thursday, January 28, 2010


Okay so our good friend Little T tagged us with an "award." Basically you write five random things about yourself. Seeing as we have more than five writers on the blog we decided we'd all write one random thing about ourselves. Enjoy :)


I'm not a bossy person. More like a pushover sometimes. But when I was a kid, I used to boss my sisters and cousins around and make them play random games with me that we would make up. We made up this game called Wacky Adventures.And gave each other really dumb cheesy names. I cant even remember what they were. Or maybe I do, but they're too lame to share?


Also when I was a kid, my sisters and cousins and I thought that we invented the Macarena dance and that a helicopter was recording on video, our dance moves, and stole from us!

~Constructive Attitude


I have an obsession with new things--specifically stationary. I'm not really a writer and have never kept a journal or diary but when I see a pretty notebook--I want it. I like looking at pretty cards, post-cards, even colorful scrapbook paper! I like the feel of a brand new pen--not the bic ball-point crap kind--but those nice flowy pilot ink pens. When I was 12, on my first visit to Pakistan, I bought a whole case of ink bottles and a pack of ink pens--they're used widely over there and a requirement for students. Needless to say, when I got back here I could find no use for them...and I was unmotivated to use it anyway because my hand-writing sucks!! Just today, at Office Max, I was walking through the stationary aisle and I felt nostalgic (thinking back to elementary/middle/high school--I think a trip to Office Max was traditional for me before the first day of school) because I could smell the "new-ness" of the paper packs, notebooks, and utensils. I don't know, I can't explain it I just can't.

~Artistic Logic


I sleep with the fan on. Even in the winter. At first I thought it was because I really love feeling cold air. Seriously. Winter is my FAVORITE season...I just love bundling up in layers, having my cheeks get all rosy and pink, and seeing my breath in the air.

I used to walk to school in the winter in middle school. One day I got fed up with the 15 minute walk and asked my mom to pick me up. My mom just pinched my cheeks and said, "oh hunny you just look so cute and adorable when you walk in the cold," gave me a kiss, and walked away.

But I really do love the winter. I mean I used to ... then I went to Egypt twice and got used to 105 degrees weather. I know... very weird. So anyhow I came back and now I get really cold really easily which was not my nature. But guess what? I still sleep with the fan on. I think its just the noise of the fan being relaxing. You know what I do now? I turn my heater on for about an hour right before I go to bed. Then I turn my fan on and sleep cuddled up under two blankets.

I think I'm crazy...

~Youthful Wisdom

I talk like REallyreally fast. And used to talk reallyreallyreallylikeomgreally fast. Thank God I improved.

I flap my hands everywhere when I'm talking. Oh dang! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to jab your eye!!

Technology hates me and is out to ruin my life. And THAT is a fact.

I zone out when people start talking about important things. Like at interviews, meetings, with instructions and with Professors. Basically when it's really important that I don't.

I love Jon Stewart. I think he's hilarious, down to earth, honest and awesome.

~Controlled Chaos


Mom. A lot of people call me that. Friends, cousins, sibling and even The Husband. Some even tease me and call me grandma. If you're someone I know and/or care about, I feel as if it's MY responsibility to take care of you whether it's through giving advice to making sure you're bundled up if it's cold or making sure your stomach is full. I'm sure my friends would rather have a friend at times, instead of a mom but I REALLY CAN'T HELP IT SOMETIMES! I dunno when "it" happened (it = natural motherly instinct kicking in) but I'm thinking it could have started with the birth of my sister who btw, is my only sibling and is 11 years younger than me. The Sister considers me her second mom, lol. Anyway, I don't mind being "mom" or being teased about it. I just hope one day this behavior translates into me becoming a great mother to my future children, inshallah. :)

~Somebody Out There


Ok random thing about me...

I love dancing. No I REALLY LOVE dancing. I lovvve the feeling of letting go and just movvvving to beats that make my heart pound!

Every night I turn out the lights and put my iPod on and just dance :)

~Snake Charmer


I'm allergic to eggs.

~Mrs. Cullens


To keep this randomness going we all decided to tag two blogs we love and enjoy reading...

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  2. Life's Balance Beam
We're excited to see what you guys say!!


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

JAJAJAJAJAJAJ I loved reading this!!!!!!!

PS: I also DROOL for school supplies :)

Mrs. Cullen said...

CA-When I was little my cousins and I created a game called "The Wicked Witch." We even have a song for it. I remember it a little.

AL-I loveeeeeeee the pens from Kashmir. Every time my parnets go visit (a few times a year) they bring me back a blue, black and red ink pens. Because they are awesome. And thats all I use. Also I am obsessed with mechanical pencils and I kinda try to steal everyones:/ Well not steal, but if I find it then I take it.

YW-I also sleep with the fan on! Every nite, even in the winter, I turn on my heated mattress and my fan at the same time. It makes no sense. But it feels good. I get yelled at fajr every morning.

Anonymous said...


Little T said...

I LOVE that you all contributed to this! You are some fantastically quirky girls for sure;-)

Margie said...

So nice to know more about all of you!
I really enjoyed this post!
Thank you ladies!


Constructive Attitude said...

we are so random.

and odd.

Artistic Logic said...

lol mrs. c's is hilarious--because we all wrote like pages and then its just there at the end

Mrs. Cullen said...

lol YW-its Mrs. Cullen not Mrs. Cullens haha

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh Congrats on the Award & thank you ladies!! I love your blog. I love how random each & everyone of you are. When I've noticed one of you have posted I always read it because your topics are so various & its just so enjoyable & a breath of fresh of air.

Youthful Wisdom said...

lol my bad Mrs. Cullen :)

Rabia said...

Miss CA - I love your theory on the Macarena! Did you learn the dance in school? I vaguely recall learning it in my fourth grade music class. I still remember every move. :s

Miss AL - I do the same thing! I love having new notebooks, planners, etc. It's a ritual for me, purchasing new school supplies before the semester starts. I really do enjoy it.

Youthful Wisdom - :)) That is too cute! I've slept with a comforter in the summer, even though I would have my fan on. I remember my mom got really mad at me.

Controlled Chaos - You're not the only one! I've noticed I use my hands too often while I'm speaking. It's definitely out of habit now!

Somebody Out There - Awww, I'm sure it will make you a GREAT mother! :)