Sunday, January 10, 2010

Does anyone love their job?

Every Sunday evening, I feel this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's a feeling of dread and annoyance.

The next day is Monday.

Monday equals the beginning of the work week.

I want to be one of those people that absolutely loves their job, and cant get enough of it. However, I dont want to be obsessed with it to the point where my entire life revolves around it and I'm not able to have a social life in any shape or form. But I dont want to dread the next day and the early morning as much as I do.

I'm so blessed to have a job right now, grateful to be earning, and being able to help out my family in some sort of way. But it sucks to begin a work week over when you just had a nice weekend of R&R.

I know that being a teacher is a rewarding job. The reward part of it comes much later on, towards the end of the year, when teachers are so burnt out, they can't really be bothered to notice the improvements and gains that students have made, and the knowledge that students have acquired.

Some days I force myself to repeat over and over in my head, "Alhamdullilah I have a job." Literally. Over and over and over and over and over. I need that constant reminder in my head to get through each day. Please dont misinterpret what I'm saying as me being unhappy at my job, it's great when I'm actually working, but sometimes I rather just sit at home all day and be a bum, read a book, or watch a movie. Which I know everyone would also want to.

But is there anyone out there that genuinely loves their job and it brings them pleasure to begin the work week? Someone who doesn't feel a sense of apprehension when thinking of the work week?

If so, I envy them.


the girl in stiletto said...

i used to love my job, waking up every day to go to work when i was working in this one department. that only lasted for 3 months. after that i worked in different departments that i could not enjoy it as how i used to.

not really enthusiastic enough to wake up tomorrow morning to go to work. one thing that keeps me going though - paycheck.

bad of me right? @,@"

Madame Lefty said...

Teaching is stressful. There is no shame in dreading Monday's especially after the long winter break.

I love my job too, but I have the "blahs" when I think about returning to work on Monday.

Like you said, if it wasn't so emotionally draining, then we probably would be super excited about Mondays.

Just my thoughts.

Now if once you get there you dread the rest of the week, then you have problems. Simply not wanting to go back to work, because you rather extend your weekend, isn't that bad of a feeling, IMHO.

Artistic Logic said...


Mrs. Cullen said...

You can read a book and watch a movie, and still be a teacher! ALHUMDULILAH YOU HAVE A JOB!!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg you read my mind. I'm happy I have a job but my job is torture right now so I dread Monday. I wish I had a job I loved too. 5 more days huh to more R&R.

Faith said...

CA I came with a smile when I read the title and was ready to type “YES I LOVE MY JOB” .. then I read the rest of your post and man :S
Ya I like my job but I’d rather be home reading a book :I
but yes just like you said .. My favorite part is the learning process. I always try to experience new things “taking courses and learning new skills” cuz I’m grateful alhmdellah I have a job but I also need to know that my options are open and I can easily find something else just in case! I mean are you sure you’re destined to be a teacher? I suggest you keep studying different stuff and maybe go back to school? You never know what your dram job is!

foxy said...

I envy them too. I only wish I had a job a truly loved. Don't get me wrong - I'm extremely thankful to have my job, but I don't love it by any means.

Little T said...

I do not but I know a few who do. From what I hear it is a wonderful feeling.

Kim said...

If there's someone out there that truly loves going to work each and every morning then I also envy them...and secretly want to trip them on their way to work.

linlah said...

I always had jobs I looked forward to going too. I may not have been doing what I wanted but I always enjoyed the work.

Amalia said...

I do enjoy teaching and the kids are great but it's never a fun thing to wake up on a Monday morning and have to go to work. I also hate that feeling. I really didn't want to go back this week after the long Christmas break but now I'm back I realise it's not so bad.

Kate said...

This is so tough, and also something that I struggle with. I guess the inherent thing about work is that is in fact WORK. Meaning that you get paid to do something that you wouldn't do for free.
I am happy and glad when I get to work. I love the people that I work with and feel that I am making a difference. I'm not ever jumping out of bed not being able to wait to go to work. After the work day is over I'm glad that I went and hopefully feel that it was worth it that I came in.
Also, I have had it where I can't go to school due to sickness and then I really miss going. So I figure it's the right job for me!
There may be nothing harder than being a first year teacher. If you enjoy it at all and feel it is rewarding, then you are meant to be a teacher!

MarjnHomer said...

teaching is stressfull and inshallah you learn how to deal with those kids and they teach you some lessons that you will never forget. my kindie gardeners were such pain but they helped me grow as a person.

Anonymous said...

I said out loud to myself today "I am a healer." Granted, I still have a bit of schooling to go before I am doing this for a living, but I knew by how I felt that this is where I belong.

Maybe it's not the teaching that makes you cringe, but more that you just don't like where you're doing it. You're right- it's great that you still have a job the way things are right now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore the idea that you might be happier doing what you're doing a different way. Good luck to you!

Jason said...

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