Saturday, December 5, 2009

Teachers Gone Wild: Holiday Party Edition

Yesterday was our annual staff holiday party.

And boy was it interesting because it was open bar and karaoke night.

Even though I'm a teacher, it's weird to see other teachers in this type of setting and in their own elements.

I felt like an outsider observing the whole time.

First of all, I was dateless. Everyone had a wife/husband, fiance, or boyfriend/girlfriend. I really think having a husband or at least being engaged would've came in handy yesterday. As each person entered, they walked in arm in arm with their significant other and took couple pictures by the ginormous Christmas tree.

So being all lonely, two of my teammates had pity on me and saved me a seat with them and their fiances.

All the staff was dressed up in their finest holiday attire. I couldn't recognize some of them with their cigarettes dangling from their mouths and beer bottles in their hands. And as I approached the bar to get a drink, a co-worker asks me:

Are you getting a drink?
Good for you!!! Sometimes you just have to unwind.
-......umm.....OHH.... I am getting a drink. But not that kind of drink.
Oh come on! Why not?
-Oh, well. Cuz...I dont drink.

One teacher got so drunk that she was making everyone around her so uncomfortable. And it was only 6:00. Dinner hadn't even been served. She's a really quiet-keeps-to-herself kinda person and once she was drunk she couldnt stop talking and was going around hugging everyone and saying I love you so effing much. Her boyfriend had to drag her away from each person and then she forgot her purse.

That's another thing. Apparently teachers are known to have real potty mouths. The eff bomb was dropped repeatedly throughout the night from just about everyone's mouth.

Karaoke was hilarious. The administration (principal and assistant principals) kicked it off with Dont Stop Believing by Journey ( I really like this song btw. Prob one of my favs). Afterwards one of the asst. principals and the Music teacher did a duet and some very very very inappropriate dancing while serenading people in the crowd. Quite shocking to witness.

But the whole night everyone kept asking me if I was doing ok. Haha. I think they all knew that I wasnt used to this type of environment and they all wanted to make sure I was comfortable. Which I appreciated a lot. I ended being the first one to leave and was teased for having a curfew. Which really isnt far from the truth. And I wanted to leave before things got a bit..wild. Apparently and according to stories from the last holiday party, as the evening progresses, it does.

Think: teachers dancing on top of the bar.

P.S. I'm so glad that there wasnt a mistletoe anywhere. Forget worrying about someone trying to shake my hand, could you imagine someone trying to kiss me?


Mrs. Cullen said...

lol. i bet a some teachers hooked up last night, for sure. i hope so actually, then there can be some drama and you can tell me about it later.

Mrs. Cullen said...

friday night*

Mrs. Cullen said...

oh yesterday was friday*

Mrs. Cullen said...

oh nvm its past midnight*

Artistic Logic said...

that's crazy, i didn't go to our work holiday party last year because of class or something (or maybe i just didn't want to)

i can't imagine it would be like that tho but how weirddddddddd
i think drinking should be off limits with work related parties, no?

Viva La Fashion said...

talk about seriously awkward. :)

C said...

I'm wondering why you went. Muslims are not allowed to even sit with drinkers.

Madame Lefty said...

Oh I loved this entry, being a teacher, I swear I could picture this.

The ELA department is going to have their own get together and eventually there may be a larger party for the entire school.

I sincerely think teachers can be some of the wildest people out there.


Though I'm not one of them. :D

ModestJustice said...

Oh gosh now there are images of what MY own teachers do on their lunch breaks @.@

"The secret after-school lives of teachers"

Kate said...

It's so funny how schools can be so completely different. This would never happen at my school. I am conscious when I am out that I don't want to run into parents or students in a "state."
We don't have a Christmas Party at all, we just have an end of the year party and there seems to be an unwritten one drink rule.
I'm glad you posted, I've been missing hearing from you. I am sure you have been crazy busy with your first year of teaching!

Tricia said...

The shaking hands instead of kissing is very new. Sounds like it was so much fun! Always love karaoke!
It must have been something seeing your colleagues without the chalk and dusters instead drinks!

Little T said...

My teacher friends are some of the wildest people I know. Sounds like good blackmail material:-)

LiLu said...

Hahahaha! I'm friends with a few teachers... I absolutely believe every word of this!

thenerdqueen said...

My mom's a teacher and ran into a similar situation.

At her Christmas party, some people wanted to have a mandatory drinking game. She objected - although she isn't Muslim, she didn't want to participate in that sort of thing. Eventually the idea was rejected, but someone still got drunk enough to throw up all over the host's new couch.

I don't understand why professionals think it's acceptable to do such things.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Its always the quiet ones who drink their heads off!

supreem said...

wow lol, i'm confonted with a similar problem. Next week I'm supposed to go out with a bunch of my coworkers... They're all already joking about how I'm going to be the designated driver... I don't know, some of my friends keep telling me not to go, because my respect for them will drop to nil if i see them drunk.... But my coworkers keep telling me that I never come out with them... Why can't we do something sensible, like go bowling?

phalanges said...

"could you imagine someone trying to kiss me" looooooool i can just see the anxiety!
another day in the life of a muslimah

EmptyWords said...

Oh gosh, this post is bothering me... this is so hypocritical. This is so improper for professionals

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Anonymous said...

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