Thursday, December 10, 2009

(Oxy)Morons of the Day

Hello hello. I've missed writing posts for you guys so much, I'm sure the feeling is mutual =)

*stares awkwardly*

Well Okay then! Here are some random funnies I noticed around me recently:

Yahoo news headline: "Obama defends US wars as he accepts Nobel Peace prize"
I had to laugh when I read that one, its just so contradictory/ironic that I don't even know what to say.
CC and I pulled up to the university parking garage where we have to swipe a student card to pay and get in. Basically this card has a magnetic strip and it stores all your valuable information and we can use it anywhere in the university, in stores, vending machines, fast food restaurants, and mostly for parking as long as we put money on it . So as I'm rolling down my window to swipe my card at the gate, I see this note posted on the machine that says in big red letters "No Credit Cards!!" We both kind of paused and wondered what lame-o would have tried that.
I was driving home two days ago, when on the side of the road, outside a strip mall I saw this placard with the words "H1N1 available" and an arrow pointing to a building. It was sort of hilarious thinking of people lining up to get themselves sick. Ha Ha.
And last but never least, I so so so badly wanted to do a post on Switzerland's ban on building minarets on mosques (say that fast, 20 times). But then I thought this video is way better and says all the things I wanted to say. CLICK IT! I promise you will have fun.


Constructive Attitude said...

yay, your back. finally.

lol at the h1n1 thing. haha

Chuckle said...

i watched the video. i honestly don't know how to respond. maybe i should just try to remain "neutral" like switzerland.

Chuckle said...

i can't believe he put the litmus paper in his mouth!

Little T said...

I find it even more funny that Sarah Palin praised Obama for that speach!

Artistic Logic said...

whoa little T that's irony in its own realm

Artistic Logic said...

lol i KNOW chuckle i love the litmus paper part

and yay CA <3

supreem said...


Youthful Wisdom said...

That was hilariousssss.

provoking invoking said...


i saw "H1N1" written on a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Anonymous said...

Lol you should take pictures of these things! There's this big "clothing and shoe" drop off bin in my neighborhood right, but the funniest thing is the S from shoe has disappeared, perhaps intentionally scratched off so now it reads, "CLOTHING AND HOE DROP" LOL makes me laugh every.single.time! I always wanna take a picture of it but keep forgetting.

EmptyWords said...

i cracked up at the h1n1 hahahaha

supreem said...

those are amusing :)