Friday, December 4, 2009

"One Night At The Movies Long Ago"

The Kid at contacted us sometime ago with an idea for post. And we thought it was pretty cool so we jumped on to The Kid's bandwagon.

Instead of explaining the idea, I'm just going to copy and paste the email:

Hello All,

Anyways, I thought it'd be nice for us to blog, collectively, on a theme - and on December 3rd.
I'd like for us all to blog, in our own way - with a blog title - "One Night At The Movies Long Ago"
I'd like for you to blog about a memory you have of going to the cinema. You may have been 5, you may have been 32, it may have included your first kiss, or a friend getting arrested, or you may have accidently set fire to the screen. Whatever it is - I want December 3rd to be the day we blog with this title, a personal memory of a cinema experience gone right/or wrong/or funny/or tragic.

So today isn't December 3rd and we're super late. Just blame it on me ( C.C.)
And to the Kid-I'm really sorry if I killed your movie bandwagon with our delay. Please forgive me.

So without further delay here our posts:

My first cinematic experience...hmmm that's an easy one to remember. When I was a kid, a couple of my summers were spent entertaining some overseas guests. Not my guests, but my aunts'. You see her only child was a teenager at the time and her best friends who visited from Pakistan had kids my age. So my aunt would steal me for a week or two whenever they came.
This one time, the family took me out to the mall and we watched The Lion movie everrrrrrr!!! This was when it first came out. It was awesome. We had popcorn and slurpees and a whole lot of bathroom breaks. All in all the experience was fun, except for the part where Mufasa died, at which point I was hiding my teary face. *sniffles*
Afterwards we went out for dinner at KFC, where I had my first experience eating fried chicken I wasn't supposed to eat =(. (Because it was not zabiha i.e. prepared the Islamic way). Butttt that's a story for another time.

-Artistic Logic

Last year I got roped into seeing a movie that was not something I would EVER watch. I mean like EPIC FAIL. Anyways so I allowed myself to be peer pressured into going, about twenty minutes into the movie some random 16 yr old boy shows up on screen and the entire audience (the theater was packed) erupts into applause and hooting! It was soooo funny to me that I myself erupted into laughter, spewing my cherry icee on my very unsuspecting friend, Mrs. Cullen. Highlight of the evening.
The End.

-Snake Charmer

One night at the movies long ago…Well, it wasn’t too long ago. Actually, it wasn’t long ago at all. It was this summer (I think). Oh and it wasn’t nighttime either. I think. I remember it being light outside. And the story starts at school, not at the movies. Okay, back to my story. One day at school this summer…I was sitting with one of my friends at the library. We had to go to work in an hour, and we didn’t want to, of course. We called off work. Giving some lame excuses. I think I said that I had to drop my dad off the airport or something. So, we decided to see a movie and called one of our friends to join us. We drove to the theater. Oh oh! That’s when we realized the problem. A few of our friends were already at this same movie theater. We didn’t want to run into them. They had invited us to the movies but we said no because we had work. So, I guess we felt kinda bad? I dunno. Anyway. How were we gonna get inside without them seeing us? First we drove around and found their car. Yikes! They are defiantly inside the theater. Then we parked not too far away from their car. Stupid idea. Finally we walked to the theater, but didn’t dare enter! What if they were going to walk out any moment? What if they were getting popcorn? Ahh. So we just stood outside the theater. Well we hid, on the side for…I think an hour? Then we went back into our car. First one of my friends was on look out for our friends to leave the theater. Then it was me. Finally, probably after another hour, they come out of the theater and I spotted them!! Yay!! ….Oh no..They’re walking towards us. DUH. Their car is parked so close to us. Crap. We get into our car. And duck. The windows are down. There is a spider in here. My friend’s car is such a mess. Eww. We duck down for what felt like another hour. We didn’t know what to do. Where are they? Are they still in the parking lot? Did they leave? Sigh. So we decide to drive. Two of us stay under cover while the other drives. And she still sees their car parked. They are still here! What the heck. What are they doing here for so long??? Are they in the car? Did they enter the mall (that happens to be next to the theater)? We park again. Far away. Really far away this time. Ok. Its time to man up and just enter the theater. Whats the worst that could happen? Ok. Lets go inside. Not like this of course. We dress up like men. Well, I think one of us did. I remember stuffing my stomach and hunching; to look like a grandma. Oh. And I remember wearing a trench coat and popping my collar. One of us left the car and began to walk inside. Then the other friend. Then finally, I left. Keeping my eyes to the ground so I didn’t make eye contact with the friends (incase I run into them). Finally. We’re inside. Uh. There is nothing good to watch. We watch a really stupid movie. We are so stupid.

-Mrs. Cullen

One night a long long time ago my mom took my sisters and I to the theater to watch Shrek II. It had been out for over two weeks by then so we expected few people at the showing. We got there, bought our popcorn, and walked into the runway lit theater room. And lo and behold no one was sitting in for the show. Literally. Not a single person!!! We walked the whole movie alone, just my mom and sisters! I don't know what was more fun....laughing loudly without hestitation or running up and down the aisle switching rows! =D

-Youthful Wisdom

For 21 years, I never stepped foot inside of a theater. Never. I don't know what it was that kept me from joining my friends and siblings. My dad told my siblings and I never to go to "cinemas". It wasn't exactly the type of setting he wanted us to get accustomed to.

My siblings all did it though. They all went with their friends all the time. However, I really really wanted to listen to my dad (I feel like I didnt listen to him in all other aspects, so this was the one thing I had).

Anyways, one summer my brother and sister in law, coaxed me into going with them. I thought I was going shopping but they wanted to watch Iron Man instead. And I tried resisting and that was a fail. For some reason, seeing my brother do it, made me feel ok. I know. It's weird.

But I had fun. Yes, I felt odd. But it was a good movie, and the atmosphere was nothing like how I imagined, i.e. people making out and doing shady things. I guess.

It wasnt a one time thing.(Although that night something awful happened and I was sure that God was punishing me for going to theater and going against my dad's wishes, and I told myself I would never go ever again) But I've been to a bunch of movies since then. And actually love going to the theaters. And have had some interesting experiences each time :)

One time two of my friends and I had the entire theater to ourselves.It's an awesome feeling to walk into a theater and to your surprise, no one else is there. Another time, my friend and I watched a really depressing action movie and counted how many times the eff word was said---100+. And watching Twilight with my sisters and CC was a blast. The entire movie was awkward and hilarious.

And then there's other moments that I'm too stingy to share.

-Constructive Attitude


Muslim Girl said...

To Constructive Attitude:

Wow 100+ swear words? That has GOT to be depressing! :)

Constructive Attitude said...

yeah it was a bit too much.

provoking invoking said...

i can't remember if the first movie i saw in theatres was "mortal kombat" or "Blade" (the vampire killer).
but yes, my brother and i snuck into rated R movies... I think it was at the dollar theatre. lol.

i thought i was soo cool.

supreem said...

this is cute. wow. I'm trying to remember my first cinema experience, and honestly I can't remember anything that really sticks out. But most recently, one of the most interesting things that happened was when I watched a movie group of people through MAS Youth, I can't remember the movie's name, but my mom came with me.... and even though the movie was okay, I WAS CRYING THE ENTIRE TIME.... sniffling and sobbing, for no REAL reason.... and then I turned over, and realized that this guy from the group was sitting right next to me and heard me the entire time, I was sooo embarrassed. (we were mainly spread out all over the place, so i didnt realize i sat near anyone)

controlled chaos said...

Actually it was 300+ times!!!

foxy said...

What great stories! I loved reading each and every one... :)