Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wanted to do a Gossip Girl post but it failed because we dont have any drama in our lives, which I guess we should be grateful for. Alhamdullilah

Constructive Attitude here, with tidbits from the lives of some of the SD authors.

Spotted: Artistic Logic finally crossing the stage and completed her undergraduate studies and is now officially a mechanical engineer!! We have a teacher, social worker,dentist, doctor(s), and now an engineer in our midst!! She also has some really awesome friends that attended the ceremony with blow horns in full swing.

Spotted: Controlled Chaos still suffering from tendonitis. Will she ever recover from it and be able to live a normal life?

Spotted: Mrs. Cullen sporting the same pair of pants for the past two weeks because finals and studying for a huge exam that could determine the course of her future, have taken over her life until December 29th. She even went so far as to delete her facebook and twitter. ::gasp:: Please keep her in your prayers.

Spotted: Simply Me bumming around her new home, until she begins taking classes again starting February 2010. But this time up in the NYC area instead of the Midwest.

Spotted: Falling Up currently MIA because med school likes to take over people's lives.

Spotted: Yours truly wanting the winter break to begin as soon as possible (December 18th) and kinda thinking about begging her parents if she can attend an Islamic retreat in Chicago since they declined her request of attending another Islamic retreat in Toronto. Maybe they'll say yes to something that is in the continental USA. Who the heck knows.

Wow. Our lives are so boring.

Nothing like the Upper East Side. At all.

Hopefully something juicy will come along soon.

But until then, you know you love me.


Constructive Attitude


the girl in stiletto said...

the "yay" part in first spotted kinda make it less GG-esque, otherwise this post IS GG-like :P

Constructive Attitude said...

Should I take it out? hmm. i think I will.

Chuckle said...

you didn't include all the authors.

i got a hug from youthful wisdom which made me feel all warm and fuzzy (considering it was freezing cold outside).

Melanie's Randomness said...

oh girl I hear ya. I feel so boring sometimes compared to TV shows.

Ohh Congratulations to Artistic Logic. I once upon a time dreamed of being a mechanical engineer. That's amazing for her. =)

C said...

yay come to RIS!

Faith said...

Congratulation for Artistic logic that’s awesome mashalla
and best of luck to the rest of you Specially Mrs. Cullen will pray for her the poor thing.

Yes I love you and miss you and LOVED the new blog look.. who took the photo? Sorry I got a lot to catch on ;D

Jessica Lauren said...

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.

Thank You.

Tricia said...

I admire your sisterhood,those are interesting lives because when you sit down together theres alot to say.

Little T said...

There is nothing boring about strong women working towards their goals. No wonder I learn so much from your page. You got a bunch of smarties in your midst!

linlah said...

To CA's parents;
come on just let her go.

Did that help? I hope so.

artistic logic said...

aww thanks for the congrats every1!

and yes i do have some awesome loud friends mA

and good luck to mrs. C!!!

Syed said...

Amen to Little T hehehe

MarjnHomer said...

your lives are not boring. you are amazing women who have accomplished a lot and should take credit for it...

Youthful Wisdom said...

Aww Chuckles! =D

Congrats AL!!!

supreem said...

lol. i can't believe i read that whole gossip girls series :( but... this would make me feel thoroughly stalked. :x