Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's all about that holiday jam.

Friday was our last day of school before Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/New Years/ Holiday/Winter break.

I felt like crap the whole time. And I'm usually super happy and excited on Fridays, since the weekend is basically here. I greet my students in the most enthusiastic manner. They look at me like I'm a freak because I'm so happy.

But since that morning, I kept feeling dizzy and nauseous and really, truly did not feel like being at work.

I told my students that I did not feel well and asked if they would stay on their best behavior seeing as I was dying and it was the last day for break.

8 hours of pure torture lay ahead of me.

Most of my kids managed to stay on their best behavior.

When telling them I wasn't feeling well, one student rose her hand and asked,

"Ms. Attitude, can I give you a hug?"

Which makes me smile every time I think of it.

The couple of kids that didnt give a crap how I was feeling, felt my wrath throughout the day. But two of them redeemed themselves by writing me these cute notes (I couldnt upload the originals. BLAH):

Dear Ms. Qume (
that's not how you spell my last name),
I hop you fell better by time it is your birthday.I hop you have fun! You area nice teacher. I am sorry that I am misbehaving.

I am kind of sick.


Dear Ms. Q, You are the best teacher a child could ever have and lucky I was on green on wensday because my dad was going to whoop me.

And usually on Fridays we do this thing called "Fun Friday" for a good hour and a half at the end of the day where kids who remained well behaved or on green and yellow throughout the week got to participate. If you reached blue or red, you were sent to detention.

Being in the holiday spirit, and not wanting to bother ourselves with having a seperate detention room, the first grade teachers, including myself, allowed every kid to participate in Fun Friday.

And so we had a dance off.

This is what the kids were jamming to. ( It wont let me embed it.SIGH)

LOL. My kids are so hood.

And kids are the best dancers. They never look awkward or lame.

I wish I recorded some of their moves.

Next time.


Melanie's Randomness said...

aww that is just too cute about your students. I do hope you feel better!!

Femme said...

lol, so cute! Hope you feel better soon!

Kim said...

A dance off? You're the coolest teachers ever.

linlah said...

I wish I could always be on green too and i hope you get to feeling better.

Youthful Wisdom said...

What cute letters! I wish I could have seen the dance off =(

Anonymous said...

This is such a great video! You have made it halfway through your first year of teaching! The hard part is over! Teachers always get sick around this time of year. Enjoy your break, let it rejuvenate you!

And by the way, I am SO jealous that you are out of school, I taught today and will be surviving tomorrow too!

Artistic Logic said...

aww how cute. the second note is the best

Viva La Fashion said...

i'm so excited for winter break. and the image in my mind of a bunch of little kids jamming just makes me smile. :)

Kate said...

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I love reading this site everyday and it's a community service that you are providing!
Other people are doing their own Secret Santa Spin here:
Thanks for all the great you do with your site!! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I remember those rare days where the teachers were in the same mood to just have fun that the kids were. Those were the best days. I hope your break is going well!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Why did I assume the song was going to be some current rap song? I was so delighted with what I saw. IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEEEEE LOL. How did they hear about it? I keep imagining them doing stupid dance moves like "the jerk"

and the second note: OMG it made me laugh out loud! You should keep these forever!

MarjnHomer said...

your kids ar cute n loved the video

EmptyWords said...

I would have been too shy for the dance off... then I would have gotten scared