Friday, May 15, 2009

This is literally me rambling...LITERALLY

Ok so I still don't really get what the point of a popover is...
I mean basically it's bread/a muffin right?

But thank you to everyone who answered my comment about a popover on S.C.'s post below. (I was the anonymous C.C. )

Maybe I have to eat one to get the hullabaloo about something called a popover? POP...over
Really it seems so dumb.

Snake Charmer wanna make me one? PUH-LEZE?

And Dearest Readers,

Did you guys notice that I seem to get a lot of pleads from the other authors in their posts?
It's either a "Please don't kill me C.C." or a "Please don't yell at me CC" or a "Sorry CC"

And every time I come across these pleads, I wonder if there's some kind of hidden movement among the rest of the authors.

Are they doing it on purpose so I seem like some kind of Hitler, to you, the reader?

Do they think it's funny, because they know I am very controlling (controlled chaos duh!)?

It's like I'm a tiger that's cornered some poor baby rabbits and forcing them to write on some old, rusty typewriters.
(Yeahh...weird analogy...I chose tigers cuz they're found in India...I don't think I get it either)


"But..bbuuttt..buttt..Miss Tiggerrr"

"WHAT?..RAAWWW ::cough cough::: RAWR" (Roaring can really get to your throat. Promise it does)

"Pleeaaaseee don'ttt k.k..kill mmee."


"I'mmm sorryy..I'mmmm sorrry..P..plllease ddon't yell"


And don't tell this to the other authors on this blog but I actually think its funny too whenever I come across those side notes to me. They stop me before I say I guess it works?

....But more importantly, I prefer wolves, cheetahs or lions over tigers. Oh and actually smaller cats would be nicer. But it just doesn't have the same effect if I meowed at them.

"MEOW! YOU THERE! MEEE OWWWW!!!" (atleast I'm not straining my throat)

Even if I did make the rest of the authors into mice...not that I could. Lucky them, that Islam forbids black magic...


Here's a question. Do you guys believe that black magic exists? It's forbidden in Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism as well.

I'm curious. What do you guys think? And don't give me the answer after looking it up on wiki or on dictionary. If you don' t know what it is, then just say so. (Oh the controlling me is kicking in again)

And no, black magic doesn't include card tricks, and the rabbit out of the hat trick.

"RAAAWRR. NOW watch as I pull one of my authors out of this empty hat! RAWR"
"RAWR? Where'd the RABBIT GO? RAAAWWWWWWW ::cough cough::: WWRRRRR!!"


Artistic Logic said...

yes it exists or it wouldn't be forbidden!

Jasmine said...

Yep. Voodoo! I agree with AL. Voodoo is widely practiced in a lot of cultures.
I don't think it's "magic" though (i.e. turning people into frogs etc) - it's something more sinister

Have you seen Devil's Advocate? The bit with the man who does voodoo on a toungue with nails? Stuff like that happens for sure.

the girl in stiletto said...

it exists in malaysia too. too bad most of those who practice black magic in malaysia are muslims.

EmptyWords said...

fyi... about pop overs, it was FallingUP, not Snake Charmer

black magic does exist... it happened to the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Paris said...

Oh exists. Creepy.

Ldn.Hijabi said...

I believe it exists, someone I know told me she experienced it...SCARY!

I heard the freemasons' 'holy' book, contains black magic, though I'm not sure about the validity of my source =S (so, sorry if I'm mistaken)

Salaam x

Falling Up said...

hey, loser. it was MY POST. Thanks for paying attention. I hate you. bye

fuelMybrain said...

This was a great post, too funny and very random all over the place...

Black magic - don't know, I'm sure it exists...

I actually wanted to comment on your curiousity of your co-authors shutting you down before you can begin... It's like the show Friends, in our own groups you can each relate to one character... you sound like a Monica to me! (I'm a culprit too of the micromanaging control freak)... but that's why they love us!!!! (or I just keep telling myself that) :-D

controlled chaos said...

FMB-OooH Oohhh !!! I thought I was a monica too !!!! Either that or Chandler!

mary evelyn said...

haha, i was wondering about all the side comments that are made in reference to you.

and doesn't black magic have to do with witches?