Monday, May 18, 2009

Jumping on the LoveWagon....or at least lecturing to those on it

You know how when you're visiting other blogs and you start seeing a common theme?

Well, the common theme that I've been noticing for this past week or so, seems to be LOU.
Didn't catch that? I meant LOVE.

Even while visiting the most unrelated blogs, they still shared that one post about love, or singlehood, or other things of that nature.

It's been almost three months since the lovely red and pink overloading your senses with hearts and chocolates day.

AKA Valentine's day

But it feels as though some sort of Valentine day like effect has taken place.
I think it might be because of the downward spiral of the economy. People are getting depressed (or sad) hearing about job losses, and the pessimistic futures of America or American companies.
And even entire countries going bankrupt.

So people start wanting to feel some kind of security, stability, and start seeking some kind of comfort.

Maybe you're not actively noticing the reason or at least one of the reasons why you and rest of the female population is moaning for love. And then there are some who start gushing the entire blogger community with their new found love, and then disappearing of to well...God knows where.
And the most popular, so many of you, stating their fears of being single forever. Because "there is no one out there" or maybe "I have too many flaws".
And then, "Will I be single forever?"

They did a study and it showed that because of the recession, people are starting to hook up sooner. So maybe the recession is having a subconscious effect on you.

Everytime I want to yell, that there is nothing wrong with being single! Enjoy it! Your "LOU" will come when it's time. And if you've found him, please don't pull an Edward/Bella and revolve your world around him. Other humans do exist, you know?

You are not the last surviving humans on the planet!!

Why is it that usually (I'm a happy exception) those who are single, are jealous of those who are not, and then those who are settled down become jealous of those who are single?

And seriously it's not you, or your "flaws". The male population really isn't giving much to work with either. Just one look at them, and another reason to get depressed. But who cares, one of them will sooner or later straighten up their act and find their way to you.

You just are gonna have to wait. Think of them as a herd of cows, slowing chewing on grass all day, with their eyes all glazed with the most stupid thoughts and pointless fears. Until one of them wanders away from his group (Not to be eaten by a wolf or something) to find you.

So keep your chin up till then! Why get depressed, and let some guy who has yet to find you, make you feel like crap about yourself?
Have a good time till then. If you can't appreciate yourself, what reason are you giving that... um 'dude' ( I didn't wanna say cow) to appreciate you.

Oh and one more thing, I wouldn't be surprised if the latest blog theme isn't also due to the after effects of the Twilight movie. All of a sudden, everyone wants their Edward.
He doesn't exist.
He's a vampire. You want a human. We've grown up with Prince Charming, and then the world smacks Edward Cullen in your face. Girls want that "sweep me off my feet" love.

Ever read, "Eat, Pray, Love" ? I prescribe that book to all of you depressed about love, looking for love, and have found their love.

And I seemed to have gone completely of topic from my original post intention. I mean, I was gonna talk about love...but my kind of love. Just because I wanted to jump on the blog theme bandwagon.
Instead I just ended up lecturing an imaginary attentive audience. I hope I don't start receiving imaginary comments as well. You know, where I'm imagining people to be, "Dear CC, you are so smart! Thank you for that"
But in reality ...I don't think it'll even be close.

Since I didn't get to touch on my topic of love. I thought I would at least leave you guys with a quote I came across a couple years ago. It really touched me then, and it just kinda relates to our topic.

It's something written by a muslim sufi (umm let's say mystic) known as Dhu'l Nun.

One day I met an old woman on a beach who revealed to me many mysteries of the Path. I asked her, "What is the end of love?" She laughed, "You fool, love has no end."
I asked her, "Why?"
And she replied, "because the Beloved has no end."

The Beloved they are referring to is God.

I dunno. I thought it was cute. And it's kinda random. You said love, and I thought of this.


the girl in stiletto said...


dear C.C,
the post was brilliant! thank you for sharing.
LOL. i mean it. yeah, i know what you mean about people rushing into love. i for one, have no intention to rush, at all. most of my friends are working so hard to find a boyfriend and when they do, they go straight to engagement & marriage. i mean if they think it's best for them, then why not. but some obsess about finding a boyfriend up to a point it annoys me.

i mean, you don't need a man to make you happy. you can make yourself happy. right?

mary evelyn said...

what a great post. i too find it interesting that the single girl wants a man, and the girl in a relationship misses her single status. i think that's just part of being human; always wanting what you don't have.

80% of the time i'm happy with my single status, and proud of my life and what i've accomplished on my own. i still have my days, though, when i give in to a little bit of jealousy, and self pity. luckily those days are coming less and less.

good post :o)

AD said...


i want a man :D

i see you following me on

i am pleased to announce that i have moved!

please note the new url:

fuelMybrain said...

Dear CC,

Your insight on many subjects are excepted with unmeasurable amounts of gratitude, including this one!

But really, I have a few single friends left, and at 30-something they seem extremely depressed about it. I feel for them, I do, but I think if they focused less on finding Edward and more on themselves and having fun they'd be more emotionally and spiritually healthy (rather than trying to find someone to "complete them". Ugh....

I love the Edward/Bella story because it reminds me of my hubby and me when we were dating (minus the flying through trees and undeadness). However, we were 17 when we started dating... we could ignore the world. But I hear you about women now (older) acting this way: not healthy.

Artistic Logic said...

that's really cute

sufis are so deep most of the time

their quotes always give me goosebumps at the end =)

good ones

Artistic Logic said...

oh and i agree
it annoys the crap out of me when someone gets married and then the only thing/person/object they know is their spouse...
marriage = anti-social-ism

MarjnHomer said...

i had a couple of comments but took a break from your post which was real good by the way and cant think clearly because my son is screaming for his dad...ok love the post by the way...deja vu

provoking invoking said...

absolutely right about the state of the economy and wars causing a rise. that's the explanation for the baby boomer generation. i guess we'll soon have a second generation of baby boomers... man.

I looove that quote about the Beloved. will save it.

Ghadir said...
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Constructive Attitude said...

hi, love is for losers.

and just an fyi, i deleted the comment above.

and i like the reference to the

Ghadir said...

why'd u delete my comment.