Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make it what you want

I'm in Egypt right now! I still can't believe it and I've been here for a week now. Such a strange feeling it is to be walking the same streets of Nasr City in Cairo as last year... even stranger to see the same people working at the same shops from last year. So I've had a lot of reflections since I've arrived...

There’s a concept in social psychology that the situations you find yourself in are not random. They are a product of your behavior and your choices in life. Too many times we blame our environment for our shortcomings. But the truth of the matter is that we should be blaming ourselves.

I love Egypt. I really do. Last year I had the most amazing roommates mashaAllah (what God has willed) and I really felt that they were the reason that my experience was so wonderful. I was surrounded by people who had deep faith running through their veins. I was surrounded by a city filled with the unconcealed forthright remembrance of Allah. And most of all I was surrounded by knowledge and students of knowledge.

Before coming back to Egypt this summer, I was so excited to be back in an environment that would pull me back up again, that would bring me back to my roots of faith. It was almost as if I thought the feelings I have here in Egypt are impossible to have in the States. Although certain things at the moment are impossible in the States (like hearing multiple loud call to prayers five times a day from my balcony), I failed to realize that if my faith wasn’t stronger in the States it was my fault, not the States.

Right now I live in an apartment with three other girls. Most of the girls are really independent and are doing their own thing. We’re all living together yet are still so apart. I really wanted to bring us back together…and what better way than to pray together? This is something my roommate last year used to do all the time. This year I feel like her. She knew that she had to create her environment so she pulled everyone up so we could pull her up without even realizing it. Now the tables have turned and I’m finally realizing that in order for me to have a stronger sense of faith, I need to be the one who works at making my environment support me.
Yesterday I went room to room in my apartment asking the girls if they wanted to pray together. Surprised, they all got up, made wudu (cleansing before prayer), and came to the sitting room where we prayed together. It was so nice.

I'm slowly realizing that this summer is probably going to be a lot different than last summer in Egypt. I'm going to have to be the one that pulls everyone up...because if I don't I think I'll lose myself. Man, do I have my work cut out for me. I have to get these girls to come together and become like a family for the time we're here together.

So my first method was to pray together ...which has been working to some extent. My next method is to play the story game during dinner. Its basically where you take turns telling some interesting thing that's happened to you in your life. Any other suggestions??


Artistic Logic said...

explore the town together once a week? like pick a spot (could take turns having each girl pick a spot for that one day)...and be safe while doing that!
and praying is the best idea keep it up!! im glad its a DIFFERENT experience for u this time around because otherwise its just a repeat and that's not as beneficial ;)

p.s. you're a genius MA (when u said the strength of ur faith is not that dependant on the environment itself) ... very true and agreed

queen said...

mashallah, your life sounds so exciting, i would not mind joining you, Allah knows i need to be around more dedicated muslimahs

MarjnHomer said...

The environment does have some influence on your actions. Like for example if everyone around you is going to the masjid and you hear the azan repeatedly through out the day, then you're more likely to go and pray. Otherwise shaitaan is ever more powerful (if we let him be) in influencing us to postpone our prayers til the very last min.

Falling Up said...

I agree. We create the state we are in. As for suggestions: I have no idea. Make a point to have meals together and cook together?? One person makes one part of the meal a night. Food does bring people together. And maybe if you pick up a little something for each of your roommates. Isn't there a hadith that says something like gifts bring people closer together. I dont think its buying their love, but maybe itll help you guys warm up to eachother?? I wish you the best!!

Constructive Attitude said...

So while reading this i was kinda getting worried that you would say that egypt isnt what you thought it was going to be. and how u're having a sucky time and just want to come back home. but im glad you turned the situation around and didnt complain but actually did something about it. I think you guys should play a game of truth and dare..jay kay.

um do some stuff that you would do at your MAS connect thingies.

anyways, i miss you. i dont wish you were here, but i wish i was there. u know?

Lisa said...

There is nothing like a good board game to break the ice. How about Mecca to Medina, the best board game ever?

I think you should have some dinners for them, maybe ask what they like and cook something. My college roomates and I all went to the movies together a lot(Titanic, Good Will Hunting in 1997) and that helped.

I like what I read here. I am such an escapist, and it seems easier to start over somewhere else.

FutureGirl said...

I think your environment has a superbly influential affect on how we feel and who we are ad become: think prison, think clinic, think dungeon, think sunshiney garden think strawberry fields!

Most of all: think of the panopticon and the massive impact architechture had on our states and ways of being...

Mind you having said that - Mandela was Mandela even in prison, Mother Teresa was mother Teresa even surrounded by Lepers in

Hmm, I've lost my own point ;0) FGxx

Anonymous said...

hey i passed an award on to you, come by my blog and check it out!

AD said...

this sounds terrific :)
and Egypt!!! o_O lucky you!

it is a dream come true!