Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anticipation--the roly poly kind

Last night I got this email from Constructive Attitude:

"hi. you haven't written a post in a while. can you please write one... where are YOU? i wanna read an AL post.

So per CA's sweet request, I'm here whether you wanted me to be or not hehe. Basically, I've had writers block ... ever since I joined this blog. That's WE ird. Is it possible for that to be a chronic condition? *sigh*

I just don't think i express myself in words anymore the way I used to. That bugs me. I used to be a book worm to the maxxxx, which means I built up my vocabulary pretty fast... and then I don't know what happened. Writing was probably my strongest skill in school, my dad always told me to write a book. But lately all that's gone down the drain. Now I can't even ask questions at work properly, I guess my brain has been stuffed and overstuffed with numbers and greek letters that I've forgotten english.

You know there was a time when I even wrote poems, lik
e cute little rhymes. In 3rd grade we had a contest to write a poem about a llama (yes randommm topic). So mine went something like...

O Llama Llama
....something something

I know that sucked but I can't remember it now I for sure remember it had the words Llama and Mama in there a lot. YEA so creative =D. BUT I guess the rest of the kids in the contest were even LESS creative than I was because apparently I won the prize. It was a.... Star Trek pin HAHAHA! Which reminds me, today my friends (the bloggy ones and some more) made plans to go watch a movie--intended to watch Wolverine but were undecided as far as I know and were leaning more towards Star Trek. Seriously? Seriously! I don't know what ended up happening since I didn't go with them.

Wow I started off and went on a tangent immediately, that up there ^ was totally not the reason for this post...maybe this is why I don't post often.

Anyways, my cousin-in-law is pregnant with her first baby and is due like 2 seconds from now! I am so excited for her and a few weeks ago attended her baby shower. (That's where I met the cutie in the picture above). It was a typical shower with games and such but then we decided to throw in a little bit of a cultural curve.

So we did something I've only ever seen before in Bollywood movies --called 'Gaud Bharai.' Literally, it means to fill one's lap.

I'll try to explain from MY view (so don't quote me because I don't know if the purpose is what I imagine it to be). Since a pregnant woman is soon to have her lap filled with a cute n cuddly baby, they do this little celebratory ritual in South Asian countries where she gets to dress up fancy shmancy and her friends and relatives (all women-most of the time older women who are married or have kids themselves) get to "fill her lap" with goodies. They take 5 different kinds of fruits and drop them into her lap, along with that they fill her ear with some sort of advice or well wishes.
The fruits, I think, represent enrichment of good foods in the baby's future and what-not. Its really cute but that's MY take on it and I'm no anthropologist so google it for better info if you please =).

So yea, I can't WAIT until this new baby arrives...*sigh* ... Maybe even before the week ends =). Kind of amazing to think of isn't it? A few days ago this life didn't exist (in the world where we could SEE it) but all of a sudden its here and its quite unique and curious in its own little ways. I think that calls for a SubhanAllah (Praise to Allah).


Almost Close said...

mashaAllah that little girl is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sigh...we need to have a baby in our group :(

the girl in stiletto said...

awwww congratulations to your cousin! that's pretty amazing. rollie pollie ollie! i loved that cartoon show. shahhaha.....

MarjnHomer said...

awww congrats. yeah having a baby is amazin no matter how many times you have one. each one is different. brings different emotions and as always its amazing to see them on the screen before they arrive. did she get any 4D images?

EmptyWords said...

miracle of birth... its truly amazing... Praise be to God indeed

mary evelyn said...

awwww, new babies. i love your photos, by the way :o)

Constructive Attitude said...

how come i never knew you wrote poems.
and did your cousin have the baby yet???????????

Artistic Logic said...

Almost Close- omg i can't remember who you are ... omg omg omg i hate this lol but thanks for reading my post =)

the girl in stiletto- can i call you tgis for short? thanks and i didn't even know that was a cartoon lol

marjnhomer- i'm not sure if she did... i think probably since thats the new technology out there... so coool!! i don't even get what that "4D" would mean (bad engineer lol) ... and by the way i thought of you a lot when i wrote this post !!

emptywords- thanks for stopping by =)

mary evelyn - thanks a lot!

CA - yes u do know i wrote poems iv mentioned it before...i wrote up to like 7th or 8th grade... hehe... NO she did notttt yet ... Inshallah sooooooon

the girl in stiletto said...

of course you can, some call me "the girl" some call me "stiletto" and some call me "tgis" for short :P i dont mind either LOL.

i've an award for this blog and this time, i got it right: CC & friends! lol