Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So So So SOO


And. And . And ANDDD I'm graduating!
Actually a couple of the authors are/will be graduating this year. So WE-irdddd

(F.Y.I That's my new way of saying weird. I feel as though you get the most out of the word when you say it that way...You're thinking that I'm weird, aren't you? Don't be thinking I'm all We irddd until you be trying it. Shoot)

So of course one of the first things I do is come to blog. But I have nothing blog about!
I'm a blogger FAIL!

That reminds me of this really funny, fail jumping jacks video. They were jumping, but they wern't doing the jacks part. Or they were doing the jacks, without the jumping. (And yes, I am ignoring the other thing the word fail is reminding about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not telling you. Because if I tell you, I'm not ignoring it.)

Um. How about I just show you the video? Promise it's funny. In a sad way.

Oh and there's this other fail video that's more shocking then funny. Like I would just DIE if I were in that situation. least pretend to die. You will be shocked. Unless you've seen it. In which case, you'll just find it WE irddd.

And here's a jingle bell fail (Actually it's not a fail video. But we can pretend). I don't know if you'll find it funny unless you're south asian. Unless maybe if you knew Indians really well and knew what Bhangra music was.

It's not that funny the first time, but it gets funnier every time. I would know since I played it at least 8 times while cramming for my final.I blame Simply Me for all my lost time...
.................. AHHH !!! I SAID IT! I SAID it ! So much for ignoring IT! I failed at studying and doing even remotely well on that final. And all these STUPID people kept coming out of the final saying, "OH it was easy" .
OH Screw YOU and your La di da , I'm so smart..blah blah blah. Go die happy somewhere.

And no it didn't help to find out that my professor left his microphone on while using the bathroom and everyone who was still taking the final heard every detail. (Actually this has happened to me before with another Professor). Which is also WE irdd since normally we can't even hear what he's saying when he's speaking INTO the microphone.

And did you know that around every exam cram time I start tackling a philosophical dilemma? The last time, I was trying to decide which of my friends would be the best contestants for the show, The Amazing Race. I decided on Mrs. Cullen and Simply Me.

This time I couldn't figure out if Peter (NBC tv show Heroes) and I would make a good couple. And we could save the world together!

I wish we could, but sadly I decided that we couldn't. Our personalities wouldn't hit it off. He's too broody.
But the real Milo Ventimiglia doesn't drink alcohol. And I don't drink alcohol since it's forbidden to drink in Islam. So maybe.. Milo?
But I don't know Milo, and I don't like him. But I know Peter and I like Peter. Not some random dude named Milo something.
So annoying.


P.S. Since I'm done for now, I'll be making my way around to your blog. Yay! You may faint from happiness.


Mrs. Cullen said...

I agree that I would do GREAT on amazing race. also, i thought the exam was hard. i hope i am not one of those "la de da i am smart" screw you ppl that you were talking about


yours truly... said...

Congrats!! SO glad you are done and that you can relax for a little while!!!!

Loved the videos, definitely needed that laugh today! :)

MarjnHomer said...

well ur done. thats great! now pray you got good grades. and lmao at the professors with thier mics on in the br. too disgusting! but funny. how embarassing. would just die.

Abstaining Irene said...

That train video is crazy. When I lived in NYC it felt like that sometimes and I'm a little claustrophobic, so one day people were cramming on the train and I was stuck in the middle and I freaked out and started yelling at everyone to move out of my way and I squeezed myself out of the train. People are nuts. Anywho, congrats! Enjoy your down time!!

Artistic Logic said...

im hungry

Futuregirl said...

Congrats! Well done! and Hooray!

Falling Up said...

you are so so so random. lol.
I loved the last video. :)

stephanie taylor said...

congrats on graduating! thats so exciting!

The video with the conductors cramming the people into the train is absolutely absurd and i made all the girls in my office watch it :) several times

Zasia said...
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Anonymous said...

Although I've never watched the show, I am very flattered that you think Mrs. Cullen and I would do amazing on THE AMAZING RACE. Truly I am. And I can't believe he used the bathroom with the mic on!!! LOL and I can't believe I missed it too!!! ahahahaha, omg I hope he never realizes it because that is extremely embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

The real Milo doesnt drink alcohol!?!? OMG that's so cool! Man, I want to give him a hug.

mary evelyn said...

woo-hoo! congrats on being done with finals and graduating!! that's such a great feeling :o)

AD said...

i pray you get good grades and attempt well :)

i see you following my blog when he kisses her but i see you so quiet!
i like people who talk!
no comments on what you read? hmm :)

fuelMybrain said...

While watching the 2nd video (train station) I couldn't help but think about what the interview process would be like for that job:

"Why should you get the job?"
"I'm a team player, I love giving great service, oh and I can push really hard!"

fuelMybrain said...

OH sorry, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith in Writing said...

Lol, great post.
And I watched the train vid you put there...!!! I just wanted to yell "If they don't fit, they don't fit!!" I'm from the country so I hate squashing in anywhere. Even when I used to work right in the centre of Sydney here I wouldn't get on a bus if I couldn't sit down, let alone let myself get PUSHED into a train or bus like a human sardine. That's MENTAL. And what's even more mental is that they think it's normal. If some guy started pushing my arse so I jammed into other people, I'd step out and wait for the next train. Or I'd buy a car. Or pay for a taxi !!

Yay that you will be on holiday for a bit. And I like your philosophical dilemmas, lol, they made me giggle. I have things like that in my head all the time "Oh I love that guy from that home improvement show... I wonder if he's married?" -even though I'm married. Or "If I was on this home improvement show, would I be able to hack it? Would I be able to choose the right colours and furniture in the two days alotted and come in under budget?? Would the other contestants like me?"

Lol. Makes life more fun. Especially when you need to distract yourself from the pain of exams or the like :)