Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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No other reason for this post, but to make you all hungry. This is Parmesan Encrusted Chicken with Mostaccioli. Had it a few weeks ago at my (new) favorite restaurant (because not only is the food delicious but all the meat is halal = eatable by ME and other Muslims). Yum.

Random, I'd really like to be try being a chef someday (but those of you who know me are probably thinking "what WOULDN'T you want to try?"). Yes, yes I'm bipolar when it comes to careers lol. Its fun making new and different things and being creative with spices (as funny as that sounds but coming up with new tastes/flavors is cool...except when its a FAIL, then that's just disappointing) . Lately, I've been trying cooking new things for the fam. on the weekends which is cool. Most of all I like to dress up the plate, table, etc. Presentation is the best-est part, no? And then watching a satisfied audience eat away is even better =).
I know a few of the writer's on this blog would agree.

Plus, its really nice to be able to make things that you might WANT to order (as a Muslim) in a restaurant but can't because the food isn't prepared the way your religion asks. Basically we eat meat that is blessed (with a prayer) before its killed. There are many other rules like making sure the cutting tool is as sharp as possible so the animal doesn't suffer unnecessarily (sharper knife means a swifter cut). The jugular veins are usually cut so that blood is properly drained from the body. Also its important to isolate the animal being slaughtered from others in line to-be-slaughtered. That's so the other animals don't go through psychological trauma of seeing what will happen to them. And another one is not to sharpen the knife or cutting tool in view of the animal.

Also, since I'm on the topic we're not allowed to eat pork, or the meat of already dead animals (since they were not blessed at the time they died and because they might have been weak, sickly, etc. ) Andddddd no alcohol.

So why did I start with all this? Oh right, eating at restaurants. Anyways, that's Islamic eating in a nutshell.

P.S. I'm off to class in a little bit, sometimes I wish they would hurry up and do hologram lectures or something. There's just so much more I could do at home, listening in on a lecture, then listening to it at school in a stuffy classroom.


fuelMybrain said...

OH how cool hologram lectures would be... I would set up the equipment in my kitchen so I too could just cook and bake away at the same time!

I secretly want to be a chef too!

Jasmine said...

I know someone (and this is no lie) who sold "halal meat sausages" at his turkish food shop. He had a halal sign in the window.

They were made of pork.

Artistic Logic said...

fuelmybrain - u got it =)

jasmine - that's so grosss but sadly its believable =(

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

and by halal you of course mena ZABIHA!

sorry it makes me crazy when confuse the two terms.

Constructive Attitude said...

^ it makes me crazy too

and is ur new fav restaurant L.A. B.? or L.A. E.? whatever its called. lol

MarjnHomer said...

what new stuff have you tried to make?

Artistic Logic said...

yes yes i mean zabiha
stop going whacko on me pt

ca - yes it is

marjnhomer- various things lol like most recently chicken pot pie, as common as it is, never had it before ;)

Lisa said...

I love all the different hats you wear! That looks really good, and I'm sure your family loves your cooking. I think you can do it all sweetie, especially knowing how tough it is job-wise in mechanical engineering.

I haven't seen you in awhile, and I'm so glad you are posting again. Love you lots.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Dear A.L. I'm not going nuts on your it's called PMS...geez

*cries in corner*

Asma said...

"Parmesan Encrusted Chicken with Mostaccioli" makes me drool =(