Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Excuse the post below. I was surprised and touched I even got comments for it.
I don't know how I don't notice when people are 8 months pregnant. But I just don't. I met a woman on Friday who was and I didn't realize until she mentioned it. last year I met Artistic logics friend and she was due really soon but I didn't notice. I look at people's faces more, i guess. ut how can you miss something like that? honestly. I'm usually observant and notice more unnoticeable things, I don't know how I miss this. Does that make me come off as uncaring?
I've been on hulu lately, catching up on my shows. They have them in india, but my television is retarded and that channel disappeared. I watched The Office's "stressed". Its hilarious. it expires in 3 days so check it out if you havent.
And finally, I can't think of anything to blog about which explains my silence. When I can't blog because I don't have time I'm itching to get on the computer but now that I have all the time in the world...nothing. I for some reason, am not sitting online. I guess because it's been a year since I've been home why waste it online? I am reading blogs but not commenting. Will get back to it. sorry, folks.
The previous post was how I normally feel before my final exam results come out. I stop everything and go into a hermit-like state. And then what happens is I PASS!! One more step to becoming your doctor. Thank you, God.

Bye :)


the girl in stiletto said...

1. some women just have small tummy with small babies, that's why we can missed it. it's not just you :) it could be them....

2. i always get writer's block as well when i'm not under stress... like right now (when i am no longer under the stress of exams)

3. congrats on passing your exam :)

Falling Up said...

Well, this is true. However when I did bother looking closely they had really noticeable bellies. I'm weird. I guess I focus more on faces than bodies??

stephanie taylor said...

i always feel like i have nothing to blog about, yet i blog anyway :)

Abstaining Irene said...

I have been watching The Office non stop this past week on hulu. I love it! It's a great way to waste time!

Constructive Attitude said...

Yayyyy for passing. :) Alhamdullilah

and i have writers block and havent been keeping up with the blog and others blogs lately.

i need to get to work.

mary evelyn said...


Lisa said...

I think you are a sweetheart who gravitates more towards the face, because you are more interested in getting to know the person inside.

And also, I'm not sure about you but how many times have you heard the same old, "I'm not pregnant, I'm just pudgy?" I'm scared to ask nowadays after being embarrassed a few too many times! More and more, women are a little obese compared to the 1950's. Good not to offend :)

I think we're all in a major writer's block spell with Spring. It must be even harder when your mind is tired from a long semester. I'm so glad for you passing sweetie, and can't wait to call you Dr. Falling Up. Thank you for your kind comment today and love you endlessly!

Artistic Logic said...

yes iA the last stretch left till ur my doc =)
love u

MarjnHomer said...

I just blog whatever I'm thinkin or need to get out before I explode.

and like GIS said some ladies dont look preggers but are and some arent but look like it. So best advice don't say anything unless they do.

Falling Up said...

Thanks for your levely comments :)

And I know people look pregnant. But I don't say anything. Then theyr'e like, "i'm due next month" And then I'm like oh no wayyyy. But it's like I didnt even look at the stomach. But why would i?

fuelMybrain said...

Someone once asked my friend: "Oh, when are you due?" My friend replied: "I'm not pregnant, and I'm NEVER wearing this dress again!".

Sometimes it's better to let THEM bring it up... just in case. :/