Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perfect ending to a not -so- fun summer

Summer is done. The Olympics have long been over. Potential trip to NYC never happened. And school is starting. Again. Whoop de-freaking-do.(All you people who are excited to start school make me sick!) I didn't do anything this summer as I've stated numerous times. Whatever. I. Don't. Care. And although I would love to complain and bore you to tears, about my lack of... well..anything... this summer, there are some things that happened/are happening at the end of the summer that don't make it seem that bad.

  • Ramadan begins on September 1st. And thanks to Falling Up's post, I made a Ramadan resolution list that I intend on fulfilling, God willing.
  • My oldest sister, Sue, and Billy(my niece and nephew), are coming home from their overseas trip. I really missed those kids.
  • Controlled Chaos is back from her never-ending vacation. Thank God! Trying to manage this blog with a bunch of lazy writers, was just not my cup of tea. (No offense guys!) And theres a slight chance that I kinda sorta maybe possibly could have missed her. Just a tad bit.
  • Read as many books as I possibly could.
  • Looking forward to my last semester as an undergrad, God willing.
  • And I don't care how old I am, back to school shopping will never get old. And let me tell you the sales were pretty darn good! Just ask Artistic Logic ;)
  • Also looking forward to and excited about the new seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Desperate Housewives. And the series premiere and return of 90210!!!!!!! I know these shows are pretty scandalous,but they are so addictive. (Their addictiveness in no way justifies their scandalousness though. Just saying.)
  • The fall season is almost here. So that means we're almost done with this hot, humid, sticky, and annoying summer weather. And maybe, just maybe, my summer allergies will end.
  • And lastly, there is a slight chance that I might have an extra two weeks off before I start Student Teaching, seeing as how my University Student Teaching director still has not placed me in a school or a school district. Let's see how that goes.

Ok so it's not exactly the perfect-est ending; so long as I'm content, that's all that matters.

And I'm content. Kind of.


Falling Up said...

Not to mention the millions of weddings you went to this summer! I missed them all! So you better be content. and NOT kind of!

I'm glad your summer was good. Summer is non-existent in my world :0

Constructive Attitude said...

uhhhh...I went to like two weddings this entire summer. That is one more wedding that I have been to in the past two years.

The Awkward Type said...

Am I the only person upset that Tori Spelling won't be on the new 90210 show?!

Artistic Logic said...

whats with 90210 coming back? ah well we all love to watch rich people wreck their lives, right... or whatever that show is about, i can't even remember i was a kiddo when it used to come on long ago and never understood it...
and don't you worry, relaxing is the bestest vacation ever and you definitely can't have too much of it because then you start becoming just relax for the next few weeks until you start teaching =)

Constructive Attitude said...

Awkward Type: No your not the only one thats upset. I was kinda upset that only two people from the old crew are going to be on it. And where is Luke Perry!?

Artistic Logic said...

ew don't tell me you like Luke Perry...

Chuckle said...