Friday, August 8, 2008

One world, One dream

That is the official slogan for the 2008 Olympics. The Olympic games begin today. 08/08/08. This is what you would call History in the making.

I'm super excited for them. I love watching the gymnastics portion.

And I was watching the commercials for this years Olympics, and I was really happy to see a Muslimah(Muslim female) athlete. Not really sure which sport or country she represents, but happy to see her nonetheless.

I guess I was living under a rock because after doing some research I found out that this is not the first time that Muslim women have taken part in the Olympics. The most Muslim women athletes that have taken part in the Olympics was in 2004, where there were more than 50 Muslim women representing their respective countries. Among these women were Friba Razayee, who was the first woman to compete for Afghanistan at the Olympics, setting a historical record for her country. And Rubab Raza, was the first female swimmer Pakistan sent to the Olympics. And Egypt, alone, had 15 Muslim women participating the Olympics.

I'm not sure who the Muslim women are in this years Olympics, but I'm going to try to find out. I've never followed the Olympics like other devout fans, but I think I'll watch more of it this year. The kickoff for the Olympics begins at 7:30/6:30 today. Don't miss it!


Ilana said...

coooooooool, see the opening? I heard it was rad--trying to find it on youtube

Constructive Attitude said...

I DID see the opening! it was AMAZING! i love the chinese culture, very different and very unique!

Hmm dont know where you can find it, but im pretty sure youtube has it, they have

Anonymous said...

who cares. lol jkjk.

It's amazing that people from all over the world can FINALLY unite for something regardless of the problems/conflicts they may have. Who knew that it would take sports to make it happen though. I always thought it'd be cupcakes or unicorns.

provoking invoking said...

hey btw, though you guys would wanna know: the opening was all computer generated! crazy huh