Saturday, August 2, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños

On August 2, 1995 (exactly 13 years ago) my youngest sister was born. She is the youngest out of four sisters and one brother.
I remember that day very clearly. I can't write a post about my other siblings' birthdays because obviously I can't remember anything from their birth.

Anywho, on that day, my mom and dad left us four sisters home alone (my brother was in an Islamic School in New York at the time). They didn't tell us where they were going. Ok, I lied. I think my dad made up some lame excuse like my mom's hand hurt so he was taking her to the doctors. They never told us that my mom was pregnant. I never even realized that my mom was pregnant. I don't even think I knew what being pregnant was. Okay I must admit here that me, as well as my siblings, are very oblivious to certain facts. And apparently my mom being pregnant was one of them. How we missed that, I have no idea. I blame it on living such a sheltered life. Either that or my parents were to0 embarrassed to tell us that my mom was pregnant .Not embarrassed of the pregnancy, mind you, but I guess just talking about it with their children made them shy? Who knows. I never asked and never will.

All I know is that one minute my sisters and I were watching 90210 [I know what you're thinking. Why were a bunch of girls, from the age range of 4-13 watching 90210. What can I say? We really liked it and had older teeny bopper cousins who made us watch it with them] and the next minute my dad gives us a call and tells us that we have a new baby sister. I'm serious, that's how it happened. One minute my mom's hand was hurting, next thing you know, she was giving birth.

I tell ya, I had one interesting childhood.

Anyways, clearly it is my younger sister's birthday today, and in an attempt to be nice to her (since I'm the only one that is incapable of being nice to her apparently) I wanted to wish her a Happy and wonderful 13th birthday! May your teen years be filled with acne and attitude as was mine. Just kidding..hehe. (And yes, she will read this because I force all of my siblings to read this blog)


Artistic Logic said...

to M: aww happy birthday kiddo [you prolly doesn't wanna be called that]

CA: i know what you mean about not talking to kids about pregnancy haha it WAS that way when we were younger, now kids know everything since they learn to talk, seriously
i think i realized where babies came from when i was like...12 or 13 i donno can't remember ... before that i thought you just go to the hospital and pick one out, kinda like going to the grocery store.... go figure

Artistic Logic said...

wow how dumb am i.... i mean you probably DON'T want to be called that...

Falling Up said...

Awww happy bday to your sister! And CS, I can't imagine you being mean. Maybe a little snotty...but not mean. :P

Anonymous said...

this is so cute.! :)♥