Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back from India

Asalaam walaikum(peace be on you) and Hi everyone

First off, sorry I haven't written in a while, a long while. What can I say, I've been busy in India. Not to mention the internet there gives me a headache. I now have this huge appreciation for 'Falling Up' who writes from India.

I have so much to tell you guys about Hyderabad, the city I'm from. I was only gone for a little more than a month, but it feels like ages now. For example, i was sitting and catching up on the blog and I all of a sudden realized, I couldn't remember what my name was.
I mean my blogger name, not my real name. I don't have that bad of a memory. Thank god.

I'm even in this semi-depression. I know I'll get over it, but I can't but help miss the busy, simple, caring, Indian, non existent personal space, overpopulated, polluted, filled with amazing eating out options, and a somewhat nawabish life.
What's nawabish? It's not a kabab, if that's what you're thinking. A nawab is an urdu word to describe a lord( you know, like a feudal lord or some type of royalty).

You have servants to do stuff for you. And you go to the stores and people do stuff for you. No matter how much I may boss my younger brothers around to do something for me they would never replace the amazing feeling of having a servant. Don't get me wrong, I don't treat my brothers as servants, they usually say no and make me beg, not to mention they complain the entire time they're doing something for me. aahhh so useless...

I went to a mall with 'Falling Up' and I wanted to try on a pair of shoes. We tell one of the many salespeople who are standing around trying to find something to do. The guy takes the shoe I'm pointing it, runs off to the storage room, and comes back with a pair of shoes closest to my size (Can you believe they don't even have size 9 shoes? I left feeling like big foot). He then picks up my foot and puts the shoe on for me. And what do I do? I freak out like no other. Some guy just touched me, lifted my pant a little and fit a shoe on my foot. I don't shake hands with guys if I can help it and this went beyond anything that made me uncomfortable. But my freak out takes on the silent form and I just freeze in shock and then look at 'Falling Up' while my brain is still trying to process. I think if my freak-out had not taken a silent form, I would have kicked the guy right in his groin or gone for his neck. The effects of the shock lasted for a while. I think it was God's way of saving the guy's life or myself from latter embarassment.
The point of this story was to show you how much people do everything for you, not to tell you how violent I can be.

What can I say about Hyderabad? It's an amazing city. It's developing fast, real fast. But there are so many areas that are untouched. It has like two different worlds, or lifetimes co-existing. I tried capturing everything in pictures to show you guys. But my photography skills are nothing like artistic logics. To sum it up in a sentence, they kinda suck expecially when I'm trying to capture everything in an auto ( a three wheeler yellow taxi- you'll see the picture later). Actually no, I take it back. My camera sucks, yes my photography skills aren't anything close to artistic logic's but they don't suck, it's my camera. I'm getting my self a new one before I leave the country again insh'Allah (God willing) My camera is so slow, it's brain numbing. Half the things I wanted to take a picture of would never be caputured, just dust.

For now I'll leave you with this, soon I'll put up whatever pictures I managed to get and describe my trip. I'll probably do it in parts. Think of this post as a preview, and imagine some cool music playing like they do with movie previews.

This preview has been rated G

She went on a 12 hour journey to India Dish dadish dun dunn
Her brain had gone numb from watching 4 movies back to back Ta naa naaaaa
She was scared to go the bathrooms in the airport in Delhi but to her suprise they were clean and empty Dinuuu da nuuu
She missed her cat, and decided she would never want to get married in India. Dadunn
And evertime she had to cross a street, she knew it would be her last. BUT, it never was. Luck and her cousins kept her alive. Tanunn dun dishunn

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Constructive Attitude said...

hahaha. nice sound effects yo.

Falling Up said...

omg hahahaha.
They listen to me when i tell them not to put the shoe on for me. Maybe because I stand up until they had it to me. Or maybe you just have really nice feet. So irresistable. :D

And nice sound effects. But not a 12 hour journey. Or was it really? Because the fastest we get is 17 hours. What airlines, yo? You're lucky you didn't stop in Bombay!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I loved this entry, made me laugh.

Artistic Logic said...

haha you're awesome.... its nice to have you back again <3
can't wait to see those pics =)

supreem said...

lol! you make me want to go to india! ;) welcome back

Chuckle said...


i think you should have a theme song for your preview. and i should sing it.

welcome back!