Friday, August 1, 2008

"I always fear that creation will expire before tea time."

Okay, I'm back from the exam hiatus and the forewarning is that this post has nothing to do with the photo nor the title. Thanks for understanding ;).

So most of you that know me, know I don't mind housework, chores, cleaning, cooking, organizing, doing all those things which some of us *ahem* run away from (or dream of hiring help for, someday). But as much as I don't mind spending time on such things, there are still a few chores that are so irritating to do.

I just put the laundry in the washer, then the dryer, now its sitting upstairs in the hallway waiting to be folded and put away. Its easy to avoid for some time but honestly I can't relax when I know theres still something I have to do, and because its something I hate to do I just put it off but keep thinking about it in the back of my mind, oye its so annoying.

Another thing I hate doing is vacuuming, seriously I just hate lugging around a heavy vacuum, up the stairs, down the stairs, etc... And even more hateful than the actual vacuuming is cleaning out the detachable "dust bin" (for lack of proper terminology). All that dust you spent so much time cleaning up, now flies out again and is airborne and ready to settle back on your floor, tables, carpet, and so on. And then imagine vacuuming on a really hot, humid day and you have this big machine spewing out hot air all around you. *Sigh*

But I guess, until I strike it rich and can hire a maid, I'll have to continue doing these things...or make my sister do them (hehe).

As for long-term plans, I can always marry a house-husband, right? Mind you, one of my best friends has never touched the laundry, since the day she got married four years ago. Her husband has done it all with no complaints =D.

I guess it is possible but not that probable.

Alrighty, off to fold I go. =\.


Constructive Attitude said...


You love chores that I hate! and i love chores you hate. i loveeeeeeeee vacuuming! i dont care if i have to lug it around all day long, i love it. i HATE cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the kitchen. Although i dont mind doing the dishes..

Eh, to each his own right?

Anywho House husband + maid = eternal bliss :) :)

Snake Charmer said...

haha I know how u feel :) but u know there plenty of high school kids searching for jobs that u can hire for like $12 an hour sometimes less ...just for future reference!!

Constructive Attitude said...

$12 an hour? wtheck!? i would rather do it by myself.

Falling Up said...

I wouldn't want a house husband aka stay at home dad. That means I'd have to worry about earning the money and for the family. Too much for me. I'd rather clean the whole house which wouldn't take THAT long. I'm pretty fast. :)

Artistic Logic said...

thats cause you ^ have a maid ;)

Anonymous said...

lol funny post!