Friday, October 1, 2010


I don't have a computer.
It died about 3 weeks ago and now I need a new one.
So I have been MIA and my google reader's piled up with probably thousands and thousands of blog posts I have to read.

Anyways, I'm posted in surgery right now.

I almost blacked out on my first day.

Why? Because in the wards most cases there are post-operative. So we have to do antiseptic dressings of the wounds. One the first day we did rounds and the doctors checked out all the wounds and etc and make sure the patient was okay. The very last patient was a diabetic patient. He had gangrene of more than half his foot and some toes were missing.

I could handle everything else, but whenever I see a diabetic foot I get light headed. So naturally I almost blacked out.

It's so embarrassing:
Ward boy: There's a patient coming in???

And with all the patients watching. ha. hahahaha. No.

And hour later in the outpatient clinic the doctor told me to clean another diabetic foot. I told him there was a 97% chance I was going faint so he best be there.

If you don't control your blood sugar levels you can get gangrene and your toes might fall off. Yesterday there was a man with an ulcer so deep I could see his bones. People in India present very late to the hospital, thinking things will get better. The sad thing is, they present so late that a lot of cases don't get better.

Anyways, the point is if you are diabetic, and if you are fond of your feet and of walking and going to the bathroom by yourself and other such luxuries, then control your blood sugar levels. Oh and the sooner you see a doctor, the better.

But yayy for me, I can do dressings without wanting to faint or throw up.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Everytime I hear something about a diabetic who didn't take care of themselves resulting in gangrene or loss of toes or even death I get upset. I had an ex who almost died on me like 3 times because he didn't take care of himself. People never want to admit they need help or yeah hope it'll get better on their own. It's sad in some cases when it's just personal neglect. I hope your stomach gets stronger & really wish people would take care of themselves for your sake and others.

AL said...


BubbliMuslima said...

thanks. i was eating lol.

ok but on a more serious note, ppl in egypt do the same, my aunt isnt a diabetic but shes been getting pains in her legs for so long, like a couple years, and she keeps procrastinating the doctors visit.

Constructive Attitude said...

oh no. thats one of my biggest fears.

and i think im on of those people that melanie's randomness is talking about.

actually, i know i am. i think it's a disease, in and of itself.

help me.

Rationality said...

I always sympathize with diabetics in hospital when they reach they gangrene. But gurl how come you still get fainted lol
You should go over this during your first anatomy course:D
All the best :)

Chuckle said...

it seems like the doctors overseas do a lot of what nurses do here. like the dressing change would've been done by a nurse in the states. and gurrl, i thought you'd be used to the gory stuff by now!

Falling Up said...

no, the nurses do all that, but I'm an intern and we have to learn how to do the basics, too, like giving injections, IVs, sutures, etc. It's be dumb to be a doctor and not know how to give an iv right?? So they make us learn all this during internship here in India and during the first year of residency in America. :)

I am used to the gory stuff, but I dont like fee.t When I see feet I get a little woozy lol