Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letter to a friend

And then do you remember when you used to get paranoid about the way you looked and I would always say, "YOU LOOK fineee!"

Or sometimes how you would catch me glancing at you and would fold your arms over or put on your jacket.

Or how me and "just do it!" and you would sit together and either we would be constantly laughing at each other or I would be reading something, you would be texting and "just do it!" would be sleeping....almost everytime.

Remember how one time me and "just do it!" got into a fight to sit in the front seat and my cousin had recorded us trying to shove each other out of the way, and trying to trip each other in the mall parking lot.

Do you remember how we all had a table in the library and for some reason people just knew it was our table? And we would all wait for each other and knew each other's schedule and would make trips through the art building to eat at that one arabic restaurant

Do you guys remember how she never studied in the library? How she would always carry that one orange looking box? How she would never get up to do anything? How she could never come to anything? How she could only come to things on campus? How those two would talk ghetto, and you would try and miserable fail? And how miss America went from being the 'lazy' one to the one that volunteered to do everytihing? How most of us were stuck without cars? How we had 'drama' at that table in the library, how the security guards would ask us to be quiet, and how they never really 'tasered' us?

Do you remember?

Do you remember that orange hoodie she always wore, and how she always would tell us to just do it, and would take forever just to put on her scarf after she made wudhu*? Or five minutes after making wudhu would make wudhu again?
And do you remember how she took the longest time getting a cell phone and a car? And then when she finally got a cellphone, she held on to it for centuries?
How she used to be a tomboy, then became one of the nicest dresser?

And how the birthday parties started and how we would get rooms in the library and how the birthday surprises were usually a fail? And how you all cried when she went to India?

Do you guys remember how you would talk about living on the same street as neighbors, and I would say 'That's not gonna happen' and everyone would yell at me and call me a pessimist.

Do you remember how I would yell at the two of you for playing "hot or not" in the library? Do you guys remember how you had stalkers and I was always the last to find out?

Do you remember when the the two of you made me a facebook account and I didn't understand what people were talking about me being on facebook?

Do you guys remember how I assigned each of you a disney princess and most of you didn't like your choice but I still forced it on you?
Do you remember Saltwater room? Do you remember Apologize?

Do you remember Delilah?

*wudhu-A muslim ritual of cleaning yourself before your 5 daily prayers.


MarjnHomer said...

i remember none of that lol. but sme great memories..

Anonymous said...

LOL at the wudhu thing. LOL LOL. I remember most of these! this made me laugh out loud at all the memories and also smile!!!! I miss this so much. You have nooooooo idea. Thank you so much for making me smile!

I'm so glad you reminded me of all these things. I need to write down all the things I remember before I start forgetting.

But here are some off the top of my head:

Do you remember that crush that she had, he was a first year medical student and we all had to pretend that it never existed?

Do you remember how she refused to ever step foot into a movie theater but finally rebelled and went...but it wasn't with the group?

Do you remember how the walk to that restaurant by the law school felt like it was at the end of the world? And do you remember how we almost died when us three were walking back to main campus from this restaurant...because we walked into oncoming traffic w/o realizing it until cars from all directions honked at us?

Do you remember when you didn't take the physics exam and tried so hard convincing me to do the same but I took it anyway?

I'll think of more later. <3

Mrs. Cullen said...

interesting SM

um yeah

EmptyWords said...

Ummm I dont remember any of these... FAIL