Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freshmen are Stupid

Student A: She seemed like a super enthusiastic student. She was on the wait list for my class in the beginning of the semester. I had already given 2 overrides. She said she really really wanted to study Arabic so I added her to my class. So the first week or two went well. She sat in the front of the class. Then she had a surgery and was off for a work. That's cool...us instructors are accommodating when it comes to these things.

She came to my office hours to get caught up on what she missed. I assigned her assignments and we scheduled meetings to finish all her make up work and quizzes. So that goes really well..

For like a day.

And then she disappears. Hasn't come to class a single day after that but is still registered.

I'm sorry but language course are intense; we meet 5 hours a week and there's no way you can miss class for a week or two and suddenly jump back.

Student B: She also seemed really enthusiastic and used to come to office hours all the time to ask questions and what not. Then all of the sudden she stopped coming to class. At first it was like one class of the three sessions a week. Then it went up to two. Its now at the point where I haven't seen the girl in two whole weeks...that's 10 hours of class!!

This is a top university and these students are lucky to even be here. And what are they doing? Wasting their money away by skipping classes and partying away. Guess who's paying for all the alcohol? That's right...mommy and daddy.

Freshmen undergrads are so stupid. Seriously. I get it. Once upon a time four years ago I was there too and sometimes I just didn't want to go to class. But I had to so I went.

Sometimes I just want to grab students and shake them by their shoulders... "MAN UP! These four years will fly by and you'll be thrown into the real world. What will you have to offer the world????"


Constructive Attitude said...

how do you know they're partying? maybe the other girl needed another surgeryyyyyyy.


but in the end, they'll realize it when it's their fifth/sixth year of undergrad.

Mrs. Cullen said...

This kind of makes me feel stupid. I never went to class in undergrad.

I wonder if my teachers felt the same way about me.


And who says they are partying it up!!! Maybe they are just lazy, like I was. Or or I dunno.

70 excuses;-)


supreem said...

i know what you mean... God... my students drive me crazy lately... because they expect classes to be easy.... man, I've had high school courses that were harder than my class. :x

AL said...

oh come on. we were in that boat like 2 minutes ago and they don't necessarily have to be partying....you know how some electives you HAVE to take but can't really focus on with all the other TRULY important crap load classes you have to do? and every proff thinks their class is the most imp class ur taking...well that could be the case too...rememmmmberr???
and yea maybe that one girl got sicker =\ eeekkkk

Youthful Wisdom said...

For the record, my class IS the most important class ;)

Constructive Attitude said...

Hell, I wish some of my students would SKIP my class.

PI said...

LMAO. i love you YW but you were the type of teacher that annoyed me. then again i got A's in those arabic classes without going to class... its different if u know you can't do well without attending class. just saying people got things going on dont assume its partying (though that could be the case) and you are totally right about mommy and daddy's money and taking education for granted. overall im with AL and
LOLLLL Constructive Attitude XD <3