Sunday, July 18, 2010

You're Going Places, Baby!!

Amira over at The Strangers Diary gave us this award the other day. Yayy. <3 I heart awards.

"The rules of this award are to write down where you see yourself being in ten years and to then pass this award on to ten people."

Sounds easy enough. 
In ten years I'd like to see myself 
1. As a doctor, inshaAllah. Working part time, and having fun the rest of the time {pffft yeaaha right ;)}
2. Married
3. maybe even have some snotty {not literally eew} kids. Hopefully I'll love them anyways. JAY KAY. I know I will...I think. 
4. Traveled at LEAST 5 or 6 countries. I really love travelling. Provoking Invoking is my travel buddy. As of now, we're exploring the Greater Detroit area. :)
5. I want to have learned to LOVE MYSELF the way I am.
6. I'd like to see myself as a stronger individual, instead of the sap I am today.
7. I'd like to be less socially retarded.

Well, the last three are personal development things I hope to work on and I'll love it if I achieve those three. And now I must pass this on to ten people. And it's so hard giving out awards. SO many great bloggers, it's frustrating choosing. Anyways, I'll be around with another awards update soon because we have two more to give out. Miao.
  1. Soda and Candy
  2. Heckety
  3. MaryAnne
  4. Madame Lefty
  5. Kate
  6. Marjnhomer
  7. C
  8. BubbliMuslima
  9. Mark
  10. Pilgrim Chick


MarjnHomer said...

jazakallah for the award. check out my site to see where i see myself in 10 years...

Constructive Attitude said...

Great list :)

Girl On A Journey said...

Awesome list!

Soda and Candy said...

Thanks!!! Just waht I needed, my blogging inspiration is thin on the ground right now!
: )

Cheryl said...


BubbliMuslima said...

thanks, will post about it soon inshAllah!

Holy Crackers said...

i just want to say that number 7 is epic. absolutely loved your list. insha'Allah I hope you're able to attain all on that list!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so honored! Thanks! I'm going to check out the other sites you listed!

PI said...

1. i hope we partner up and both work parttime iA.
3. you will be a great mommy and they will be adorable, so you MUST have many kids. fatta futt. because no matter what side they go on they will have the biggest and most amazing beautiful eyes and i will love them mA mA inshallah iA.
4. i miss you and detroit :). we will have grand fun traveling iA.
5. i love you the way you are
6. you're stronger than me. but oh i think we are both just lucky.
7. you can get away with being a little socially retarded cuz ur good-lookin ;)

Sulthana said...

I like your list :)

Heckety said...

Oh thank you! I am just catching up on blogs and emails etc (yeah! yeah! disorganized chaos- if Controlled Chaos lives up to her name, could she pleas come an live with me for a bit??)

I like your selection of where you want to be's- they sound worthwhile. More power to you on achieving them!

I'll think and respond to this by'n'by!