Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission: Impossible...unless it's Walmart?

I started today with a mission: To organize and re-decor my house with as little money as possible and only with things that I deem as necessary

Medical school's starting in one month insh'Allah (read: Please Don't Let anything go wrong God)...and I'm imagining my home, functioning in a way that is least stressful for my parents (Let's face it...what WILL they do without me?) and easily as possible to maintain for my brothers, though they probably don't have the word 'maintain' anywhere near their human capabilites (insert: Frustration)

I mean I'm not saying I'm the most organized or the type that's a walking Mr. Clean commercial either, but I'm not as bad as my brothers, or so I tell people.

So I went to the mall today looking for some things, like a new toothbrush holder, the kind that won't accumulate water at the bottom of it, and a new way to organize the spoon drawer so the contents don't explode on whatever idiotic guest that opens it, and a small china cabinet like thing so I can free up some space for dishes, and a dish rack so the dishes can dry on that instead on whatever else that is used as a replacement (my brothers are the geniuses in charge of the dishes) and a couple other things.

I hit up T.J.Maxx, see some promising things, call my mom and she says "You'll find it for cheaper at a Dollar store"

I hit up a Kitchen wares store, and my mom can't figure out how to work the texting on her phone to check the pictures I texted to her.

I hit up another store...Nothing. My mom calls and wants to know when I'm going to the Dollar store.

I go home. Grab my mom and go to DOLLAR KINGDOM. ( I dunno why that's in all caps, I'm kinda imagining those loud, ominous voices saying it followed by thunder)

And we don't find ANYTHING there.

Then Kmart. And it's actually, get this, the most expensive store.

At the very last minute before reaching home we hit up my mom's Disney World -Walmart.

And Thank God, I got to buy a couple of things . Yeah yeah, I have my qualms about Walmart too. But I dare not express them with the possiblity of my mom getting irritated and wacking any and all qualms out of me for the sake of "common sense"


To end my day, I almost hit a lady while reversing my car in the parking lot. It's not that I wasn't checking but this other car was standing behind me and I was staring at it and trying to reverse out so I wouldn't hit it. And I see a blur of pink speed walking. Brake my car. And hear a scream.
Well, it was more of a gasp-scream. And the blur of pink walks past me motioning at me...threateningly. I started apologizing to her. And the lady who was in the car that was distracting me rolls down her window, throws me a dirty stare, and asks the lady if she's okay.

Yeah I felt pretty bad. Thankfully she was fine. The blur of pink didn't see my car getting ready to get out probably cuz the car next to me was blocking her view and she was walking in a real hurry.

Mehh.. I started feeling a little better after some time. But my mom got really paranoid after that. She pointed out ANY and EVERY thing that was even trying to enter my field of vision the entire ride . (Insert: Exhausted by the time I reached home)

CC, out.


MaryAnne said...

I noticed Kmart is sooo expensive too. I don't know how they are still in business.

Pink blurs (or any color blur for that matter) are so frustrating in parking lots. Glad everything was fine.

Did you find a good toothbrush holder? I hate the scum that accumulates from the water (yuck!)

Falling Up said...

OMG I hope ur feeling better about almost hitting the woman. Im so paranoid when I back out of anywhere

Also, walmart is cheap. I hate the place but it's a good place to get the job done for less!! Yay walmart.


MarjnHomer said...

hahah I love that! When you have witnesses around you during dumb times and they are older (say your mil) they will go on and on and on about the food burning even though you only burned it once, ONCE

Constructive Attitude said...

i like walmart. but i hate the customers and their customer service.

Mrs. Cullen said...


Mrs. Cullen said...

Ikea is cheap. Come to mee

Girl On A Journey said...

OMG that toothbrush holder is the hardest thing to find! I hate hate hate hate the ones that get water. Gross

pilgrimchick said...

No kidding--WalMart of all places. I recently did a similar thing--I changed the layout of the furniture in two rooms of my house, but I didn't think to add any decor.

PI said...

tj-maxx >>> walmart

u crack me up

PI said...

i wish my mom would let me re-do our whole entire house. iA someday.

Heckety said...

Whew! What a day! Poor you with the pink woman- I've noticed that pedestrians are getting worse and worse about looking out for cars when they are walking, its drives me mad when I'm trying to park or exit someplace in the car.
You didn't hit her, that's the main thing.

AL said...

i love your mom but i hate when moms do that lol