Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm so 2000 and late

I didn't get my first real cell phone until the second year of sophomore year of college. That would be 2005/2006. Nowadays everyone is so technologically advanced that it's really hard to keep up. One of my students saw my phone today, and asked if my phone flipped two ways. And I replied in the negative. I just recently upgraded. Two types of flip is way too advanced for me.

I currently settled on this bad boy because of technical difficulties with the others:

Anyways, apparently his cell phone does. He's eight years old. What does he need a cell phone for? What does anyone under the age of 18 need a cell phone for?

When I was in undergrad and I needed to contact someone----which really wasn't anyone except my dad to tell him to pick me up, because well, another thing I'm late in doing, is getting my license-----I would go to a pay phone.

I would find loose change in my purse and call my dad. Yes, I did feel super lame doing it and was just as equally embarrassed. My parents didn't think it was a necessity at the time, so they didn't get me one.

Currently, if you don't have a phone by the time you are in middle school, you are uncool. Why?

And just a year ago, I finally gave in and got unlimited texting and learned the functions of texting with T9. But even with texting, I've realized that I'm behind because I don't have a keyboard on my phone.

For most of my life, my family has had one of these as well:

Yup, with the bunny ear antennas and everything.

We didn't get a newer T.V. until about two or three years ago. And even that's not plasma/flat screen T.V.

Just recently, like two weeks ago, I made my first purchase of my very first laptop. Alhamdulilah. And had my first web cam conversation/chat with my cousin. Lol. It was very entertaining.

Obviously I'm extremely slow when it comes to catching up with the 21st century.

Eh, whatever floats ones boat, right?


Heckety said...

I have got to share this post of yours with my girls- they call my cell phone 'the brick' as it doesn't flip or open or have a keyboard or a touch of they just got an ipod and came to show it off just as I was putting a new tape cassette in the player to listen to music, and I still play records!!! We do have a DVD player and I think that's pretty up to date for us- but our computer is the really old heavy 'takesthreepeoplehalfnahourtomove' type!!!
Personally I'd say you had your priorities right, but then I guess I'm sooo not with it!!!

And by the way- there is another language as well as English (with a terrible accent) spoken in Ireland- its Irish or Gaelige, two names for the same language. Its related to Cornish, Welsh, Scots Gaelic and Brittany French and dates from pre-Roman times!!! What was that about being oldfashioned?? Everyone learns it in school, and some people speak it all the time, most people would have a working knowledge of it even if they rarely used it, so therefore its used a lot in jokes and puns on words.

Too much info...sorry!

Irendi said...

I purchased my first cell phone for myself at 17 or 18..somewhere in those months where I was becoming the latter. I didn't need one before, even when I started driving.

My first phone was a Nokia bar phone, and I loved its simplicity. I eventually wanted a when I started working for a cell company, I purchased one. The next time I got a new phone, I wanted a Do you see where this is going??

When I upgraded last year I decided I wanted a qwerty keyboard, but not a touch screen... -sigh- I have one anyway. Well, it's a hybrid...but yeah.

AL said...

blah to technology its ruining everyone ....
but i always look for pay phones these days just to see one... do they even exist now? i feel like they've been torn down... anyhoo one day we'll have vintage posters of cell phones in museums and art shops and people will say those were the 90's??

AL said...

and i always have the lamest cell phone too and i don't even have texting so i guess i beat you...i love electronics like other girls love diamonds. of all electronics though i dont really care much for cool phones they (all) break/die within a year so why bother?

Constructive Attitude said...

Heckety: No need to apologize! I'm glad you shared that because I was uber confused when I watched that movie.

And we dont quite have a DVD player in our house so good for you! lol.

Irendi: lol. its ok. :)

AL: After like I got my cell phone, I swear to you all the payphones at our former university, were gone! I was like WTH. I see payphones at gas stations. sometimes.

And cell phones do always die or have some sort of issue.

Layla said...

Well, now that you have a laptop AND you've got T9 sorted, I think you have officially crossed over to the 21st century! Lol, loved the post sis made me laugh, and realize Im one of the slow ones as well :))

Tricia said...

Sometimes I want to just go back to the pay phone, it was so much easier then,ow i can't function without my phone, how were we surviving then? :(

Mark said...

In the marketing world you are considered a late adopter. Be careful, you may enjoy the technology and find that you are ready to come out of the Flintstone era.
Much of the technology that you spoke of is more of a distraction than an enhancement to our journey. Nothing wrong with taking your time.

MaryAnne said...

Well I tried to go w/o a phone for a day and of course something went wrong... so I searched and searched for a pay phone. Finally found one only to discover it no longer had the phone in it, just the casing that housed the phone in the olden days. :/

I think we are being forced to conform. hee hee

*mary* said...

There is no shame in that! I think people are too focused on gadgets anyway.

Haha, but your post did make me think of the first cell phones and car phones from way back in the day. They were huge and usually had wooden veneer on them.

Madame Lefty said...

I've had a cellphone since 2001/2002. Currently it's a Sprint sidekick.

Sure IPHONEs are fun to play with, but really all you need is a basic phone. As a girl, this is just me, I think it's more important for us to have cell phones than guys. (Like if you're car breaks down, you have an emergency, it's late at night and you need help).

I find it annoying that teenagers have cellphones, because they are not using it the way their parents hoped for them to use it. "Yeah Mom, I'm at the library." A few months later, "Like how do you know if you're pregnant?"

And they all have really nice expensive phones and IPODs. Seriously. I never understood how they did it. I don't even have an IPOD and I can afford it.

My computer is new only because our previous computer died, but my brother in law fixed it and now they have it. Which is good, because they had no computer. We have an average tv, but the only real sad thing is that my DVD player is broken and you can't get me to buy a blue ray player. Those things are just too ridiculously expensive.

I'll miss redbox though.

Kate said...

My family lived in the past for technology too, but now I've had to keep up to speed with technology. I've found out that my ipod (like 3 years old) is a dinosaur. WHAT? Something that I spent $300+ for shouldn't be obsolete in 12 months.

I don't think kids should get a cell phone until they have a car. Obviously the majority of people disagree with me. Maybe I'll change my mind when Finn's older, or maybe he will be the poor boy that doesn't have any technology.

P.S. I love this song!

pilgrimchick said...

An 8 year old with a cell phone? I'm unfortunately not taken aback as much as I feel I should be at this revelation.

I grew up with one of those dial TV sets, too. I think we at least still had it around a few years ago when my parents moved. I'll have to mount a search of the basement to see if it got tossed--that is a classic item.

provoking invoking said...

heh.. i dont have texting yet either. and the lack of payphones is seriously a conspiracy. but back in the day i worked for a payphone company and did the bookkeeping.. and after 2003 it basically became a loss to maintain payphones because hardly anyone was using them.. i'd see the numbers go down and down and down and down and eventually we just had to shut it down because whats the point of going out to the city all the time and repairing and maintaining something hardly anyone uses anymore.. you lose money. so that was that.

here in italy- luckily there are payphones everywhere still, and i have to use them because i decided not to get italian cellphone service (not like i could use my verizon phone here lol).. the payphones USUALLY work but they are expensive to use (not $0.25 for one call like it used to be, more like 10 cents per SECOND)..
i literally got yelled at here for not buying a cell phone to use for the 2 months of stay becuase i got lost at the train station.. lol. in the long run it does save some money using payphones (and the work landline), but people (especially italians!) think i'm an alien for not having a cellphone. sigh. then again many of them don't really use computers.. in america somehow when i went long while without a mobile, it was all good.. but probably cause i didnt really have emergencies or get lost like i do here. thank god for payphones in italy. i feel TERRIBLE for anyone that travels to america without an american frequency phone...
wow sorry for the essay.

Faith said...

I hate technology it’s expensive.. but the minute I buy something new of those high tech thingies. I fall in love with it again.

Youthful Wisdom said...

Lol this was a fun post to read. I miss old school Nokia phones without color .. I used one in egypt last summer and loved it.