Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The things we should do for L-O-V-E

I love this blog. Not like, but love. And when I feel like I've abandoned it, i.e. not written/commented/checked up on it, I feel so stressed out. I constantly remind myself that I need to do something for it/to it to make sure I'm doing my part. That I'm contributing in SOME way.

It might sound cliche and quite frankly, kinda corny, but I really feel like I'm a part of something since I've joined this blog. Like I'm taking the initiative and trying my damn hardest to make a difference in someones life. I've never been actively involved in any sort of community outreach program except for the rare volunteer opportunities that I partake in. And most of those events I'm present in because my friends do it. Ah yes, peer influence.

When Controlled Chaos created this blog almost three years ago (June 24th is our three year anniversary!) with the intention of making the world a bit more open minded through the views, ideas, opinions, thoughts and anecdotes of your everyday average Muslim American girls, she was not only doing a public service for the misinformed, uneducated and the completely clueless, but she was also opening up a whole new door for me. This blog was/is my stepping stone into doing something humanitarian. Helping society. Educating people. Doing my part as a human being. Even if it seems minuscule.

And yeah, we have our fair share of ups and downs here at Symphonic Discord, with a WHOLE lot more downs then ups. And Controlled Chaos constantly threatens to shut it down cause we suck as writers and aren't doing anything about keeping the blog active.

But it's something I constantly have on my mind. No joke. I've been thinking about potential posts before my work day begins, while teaching, and after I've hightailed out of school. I run through multiple thoughts while showering, driving home, and sitting in the backyard. My thoughts center around enlightening others with random facts about Muslims and Islams. Stupid things I do as a teacher. Silly things my students say. Funny moments with my siblings. Crazy thoughts I share with friends. Anything that I can contribute to anyone that is reading.

For the past month, I've been trying to rejuvenate my thoughts, get out of this writer's rut, and just get back on track and renew my intention for being on this blog. The motto of this blog is something I firmly believe in and I can wholeheartedly say if we(the authors of this blog and anyone else that wants to help) pushed and challenged ourselves, we could do great things.

In the end, when I feel like I've failed this blog and havent done what I should/could do for it and with all the efforts (or lack thereof) put into this blog, I try to remind myself of the wise words of Mother Teresa, when she said, " What we are trying to do may be just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. "

And with that, I log of off Facebook, fix my posture, open up blogger and finally start typing...


Loredana said...

I totally relate to how you're feeling. I too started my blog for some of the same reasons as educate, inspire, begin something if not for anyone but myself mostly and the times i find myself not having done a thing for this blog I think i've failed myself. Then i begin to think that I've failed my followers and the fellow people i follow. It's like a Catch 22. i'll sit and think of a million posts throughout the day and I say "I need to take a notebook with me and write stuff down" but of course I don't and then i sit weeks later thinking "I haven't written a damn thing!" Uggh!

Sabirah said...

Blogging isn't easy. When you first start're excited and ready to write. As the months go gets harder to keep up and to figure out what to write about that would be interesting and appealing to others. All of you are doing a great job! This is one of my favorite blogs!!

Little Auntie said...

awwww, this was very sweet :) You know, I feel the same about my blog. Like if I haven't posted in it/ commented- like I've abandoned it. I want to contribute in SOME way :D

Funny, but we have similar 'anniversaries'....I started this blog I think July 1. So in about 3 weeks, I would have reached 1 year, inshaAllah...I was just thinking I have so many thoughts about that....reaching 1 year :)

Can't imagine how it's been for y'all...3 :) ma'shaAllah. Let's see y'all reach 10..;)

Keep it up, girls :) You are making a difference :D

Pi said...

u wouldnt believe how many unfinished entries i still have saved somewhere for this blog haha i suck

supreem said...

yeah. I <3 my blog too. I love going back and seeing my personal growth, stupidity, moments of despair and moments of excited happiness. Sometimes I forget about it, but there are times that I think about blogging constantly.

Youthful Wisdom said...

Love this post. Its definitely a motivator for us! :)

Margie said...

Love this post!
Love your blog!
Love when you visit me!

Margie :)