Monday, June 13, 2011

" Get your head out of your a** "

As I was picking up my sister from work yesterday, I failed to check my left hand side's blind spot, and almost collided with an oncoming car. Granted it was my fault, and I'm willing to take the blame for it, such remarks as this are just uncalled for.

And they are much worse when the person saying such things is over the age of 60.

I was extremely embarrassed that I almost ran into this old man. And initially I thought it was amusing that he said what he did but the more I thought about the more upset I got. The fact that he was so rude and displayed such bad manners kind of left me feeling weird.

Shouldn't older people know better then to act this way? Shouldn't they be the ones, as lame as it sounds, be "setting an example"? Aren't they the ones that we're supposed to be learning from?

I just thought it was interesting that this old man reacted this way. And I think it's interesting when "older" people are hypocritical and say that younger people know nothing about life.

And it's not just this old man that I'm talking about. . The ones that are beyond their prime years. The ones that have (or should have) gained a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom through the years.

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about the elders of our community and how some of them are very backwards. When I say this, please understand that I mean that they are backwards in the sense that they think everything that they are not used to, is wrong. And everything that they are used to and acclimated to, is right. And we all know that is a very narrow minded way of thinking.

It's extremely hard to be in a part of a community where the older generation constantly shakes their head at the younger generation. It's very difficult for the younger generation to earn the respect of some of the older people (Notice I said some). What's even harder, I feel like sometimes it's hard for them to accept that we are a part of a different culture that they are from. A different mindset. A different attitude. A different way of life. It's not necessarily a wrong way of life, wrong attitude, or wrong mindset. It's just not what they are used to. And they don't accept it, and even frown upon it. I think if they opened up their minds to it, and gave the younger generation a chance and opportunity and allowed themselves to be open-minded, they would be pleasantly surprised.

It's just something that frustrates me to no end.

But then again, I look at some of the youth of today in my family, my community, at my school, and I can see why the "elders" would think such things and I cant help but utter, "God help us all"..


Margie said...

Will be back later to leave a comment.
Off to work.

Have a good day!

Margie :)

Margie said...

This does not really surprise me!
Makes me kind of sad but not surprised!
I've heard much worse from "older" people!
Glad there was not an accident!


cc said...

idk man. I think that's why in Islam we're told to value manners and character over knowledge. You might be old and know some stuff, but without proper character and humbleness its pointless.

Misha said...

I think old people just get very cranky as they reach old age. I'm sure they don't mean to be like that, even if the things they do/say are extremely silly.

Artistic Logic said...

yea i think he was just grumpy and impatient...its hard getting older (honestly)....that's why we're also told to be VERY patient with our parents when they get older... its such an important thing and i think that's why islam emphasizes patience with parents so much