Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuna Lettuce Wrap

I used to be really chunky back in the day. I think I'm still on the bigger size but at least the Hubster likes my curves.

Anyhow, back in the day I joined WeightWatchers and they were awesome in giving cool ideas for low fat meals and what not. Anyhow, today I was making the Hubster a bacon & egg sandwich and I decided to opt out for something much healthier and WAY easier: a tuna lettuce wrap.

It was really really easy to make. I just took some lettuce put a can of tuna mixed some Mrs. Dash and Cajun seasoning and wrapped it up into a roll. It was delicious! :) You could add mayo, cheese, relish, etc in it too... pretty much a regular wrap just with lettuce.

I like the crunchiness :)

Okay I'm done.


Loredana said...

Whenever I want bread (which is everytime I'm on a low carb diet again) I opt for boston lettuce and use that as a wrap or bread. It fills you up just as much and makes you feel better instead of having scarfed down 4 slices of bread!

Constructive Attitude said...

Idk how I would feel about the lettuce.

But I'll try it if you make it for me :)

Margie said...

Love lettuce wraps!Will have to make one soon!


nelson said...

Gee, this is a very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

And I like your new theme. Very neat-looking!

Rationality said...

looks Yummy
By the way girls
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Artistic Logic said...

you and your cajun food

Youthful Wisdom said...

*Disclaimer: the bacon was turkey bacon!

Loredana- I totally feel you!

CA- come over and I'll make it :)

Margie- Make it soon...so easy!

Nelson- Thanks!

Rationality- Thanks so much!

AL- cajun is amazing in almost everything yo!

supreem said...

looks yummy.