Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Diary

Not a word on the streets about the girl who went missing
The girl who dried her eyes for the sake of affection
She felt warmth tender and real
But then somehow she got real caught up

There she was frail and fragile waiting for someone to lift her up.
She turned to family who turned her away.
She turned to friends who helped pave her way.
And later became a part of a group she never thought to be.

Once that girl used to dream big but think small.
She used to climb the sky but barely walk a step too far.
That girl she lost her reason to smile.
As people had often said she was one of a kind.

They lied.
They didn't know what was bottled up inside.
They didn't know what she did dare to hide.
They didn't care to know the real her.

Suddenly she found herself.
She found a voice to speak.
A place to walk and roam freely.
Her faith flourished and her education was nourished.

She grew up.
She got married.
She had a baby.
She left all her dreams and came into reality.

Sitting in a room typing, rather than writing
"Dear Diary"...
She lifted up her fingers and typed:
"This is my story."


Constructive Attitude said...

That's deep.

Margie said...

It is deep!

supreem said...

hmmmm. Makes you wonder what it means to truly be living.