Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After a weekend with the family it was finally time to head our separate ways. Unfortunately, before my flight I had to get into an argument with just about everyone in my family and also my friend. I hate flying.

I always ask two of my friends to pray for me when I have a flight because I hate airplanes. I hate being up in the air for four hours. Its creepy and lonely and creepy.

But this time I didn't ask anyone. And I marched on that plane with my phone turned off, mad at the entire world. I'm so dumb. It wasn't until 45 minutes into the flight when I was stuck between two middle aged men, when I realized that I was all alone. All alone with no one but God, absolutely no one but God on my side.

No one could have been making a prayer for me. I just felt so stupid. For leaving the world, literally, with so much anger. And it could have been possibly the last time I spoke to those who I love.

I don't want to be stuck between two middle aged men and go. But you never know when it will be your time and you never know when it will be the time of those around you. And that's scary.

Hi. PS: I like being a part of this blog, CC. Sigh.


controlled chaos said...

Everyone's brain has been in a hot mess. it's okay insh'Allah.

I'm still waiting for ur email though.

Constructive Attitude said...


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Loredana said...

Boy do I HATE flying but it doesn't keep me from flying anyway because I can't imagine not seeing the world or family. But I know what you mean about feeling totally alone and only having God on your side when you're much as it's comforing having Him ther it'd still be nice to know family/friends are praying for you.

Hope you made up with them!

supreem said...

awwww <3 always, always, always leave on a good note!!!

Margie said...

That was a hard time for you!