Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Its that time of year again.

When everyone goes home, spends time with family, eats turkey and stuffing, and thinks about the things they're grateful for.

Sounds all beautiful and flowery.

But there's a group of people in our country who don't join us in this turkey/gratitude celebration. Instead these people mourn this day as it commemorates the genocide of thousands of their ancestors.

The Native Americans.

The people who were here first living a peaceful life until the pilgrims came and exploited them then wrote down in history how amazing their relationship was and how everyone sat together on a long table on Thanksgiving and ate food they grew together.

So this Thursday, while we're eating our turkeys, lets think back and make a prayer for the amazing Native Americans who were massacred unjustly in our early history.


Constructive Attitude said...

Thanksgiving has just turned into a commercial holiday. I feel like a lot of people dont even care about things they're grateful for.

PI said...

thanks YW.. most people just look at me weird if i try to tell them about the massacre that happened on "thanksgving". like, "omg why didn't they teach us that in school. it cant be true." sigh

controlled chaos said...

I give thanks for all my amigas!

and food.


supreem said...

sigh. I agree. I'm struggling whether to encourage the spirit of thanks, or to relay the horror stories of the true reality of thanksgiving... I've been torn. :x

Anonymous said...

supreem- easy. encourage the spirit of thanks EVERY day.. and treat the last thursday of november as a regular day.

Kate said...

How true. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!! Something we never should have forgotten.

Hope all of you had an excellent Turkey day!