Friday, September 24, 2010

Million Dollar Question: What does the toothfairy REALLY do with our teeth?

Because you know, the tooth fairy really does exist and everything.

According to my 2010 incoming class of first graders, the tooth fairy does numerous things for us:
  • The tooth fairy gives the teeth she collects to Santa. Santa, in turn, takes those teeth and makes them into toys. And come December, Santa and the tooth fairy hop on some reindeer and deliver them to kids.
  • The tooth fairy takes the teeth and makes a castle for herself. ( Well that's kinda selfish of her, dont you think?)
  • The tooth fairy is really a tooth witch and she eats the teeth like one would eat an apple (They got this idea because we are currently reading a book about a first grader who believes that)
  • She gives old teeth to people who have lost their teeth.
  • She turns it into jewelry for Mom.
  • Uhhhh, where do you think toothpaste comes from???DUH!
  • She is really not a she. But in fact a he. (That doesnt really answer the question. Just thought I would throw it in there though because it shows that they don't automatically think of the stereotypical gender role of a tooth fairy)

Soooo now, I ask of you, what is the million dollar answer?


Mrs. Cullen said...

aww its nice that they don't all believe that the tooth fairy is a she.

Rationality said...

Hi there;
intresting topic CA:)
where do you think toothpaste comes from???DUH!
Well, Actually I don't really know:)
But how come toothfairy is a he not she!!! @_@

Muslim Girl said...

Am I like the only kid who never fell for that kind of stuff? :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Ha ha ha :p
of these, the best was that she uses them to make jewellery for mom :)

Steven said...

I'll never tell what I do with the teeth.

the tooth fairy

linlah said...

I have a 50 dollar answer and that is she turns the tooth into the money she leaves behind.

maRyya said...

nice blog
maybe you'll pass by mine too if you have time and follow it?


supreem said...

lol i'm reading this while in class... and i'm trying so hard not to crack up... :x