Saturday, September 11, 2010

As we celebrate...and Remember

It was Eid on Friday here in America.

On 9/10/2010

There was a joke circulated that we tried our hardest to see the moon the night before because everyone wanted to avoid having Eid ul Fitr on 9/11/2010..the ninth anniversary of September 11.

Imagine...Muslims celebrating...on the same day the nation remembers the 'terrorist attack on September 11'

911. What's your emergency?

The towel heads next to my house are partying.

Is there a problem? Was someone hurt?

No...It's just that All the MOZlems in my city are celebrating.... Like they're really partying it up with all kinds of food and games.

You don't sayy!

I mean you can only give them Soo many excuses...Is there anyway we can get them arrested?

Stay on the line while I contact the authorities. ***

The day Eid ul-Fitr falls on changes every year, just like how Ramadan does, and all the other Islamic months do. And I've mentioned the reason for this being that the Islamic calendar follows the Lunar calendar.

This Ramadan has been kinda eventful for Muslims. The 'Ground zero Mosque' controversy is still raging, 1/5 th of Pakistan is flooded , some dude was trying to host a "Burn a Quran day", some people are running for political offices and one of their platforms is that Islam isn't a real religion and so shouldn't be protected by the Bill of Rights, and the knowledge Eid could potentially fall on september 11.

Some Muslim communities were advised to keep their celebrations low-key.

While Eid ul Fitr didn't fall on September 11 most activities and celebrations will however follow the entire weekend. It's weird to celebrate Eid ul Fitr, when you remember everything that happened on that day in 2001, especially for Muslim Families that also lost loved ones on that day... but I don't think that's a reason to stop anyone from celebrating their religious holiday.
Even with the 'Ground zero mosque' controversy still present and if anything, getting worse.

Eid also isn't a reason for any Muslim to stop remembering all those that are suffering here and across the world.

Like a lot of other people out there, I have my own message, and I think everyone should send it out through facebook, twitter, and their local lawn elf and maybe even to the pastor in Florida:

Happy Eid to the Muslims; A prayer to the victims of 9/11, and a prayer for all those undergoing suffering and hardships. **

CC, out.

***The above conversation was entirely fictional (hopefully) and no authorities were contacted or harmed during its making. And is to be taken in a humorous, non-offensive manner and does not necessarily reflect the views of its author...which could be kinda self-contradictory. Rated OIWH for Open-minded Individuals With Humor

**Caution: Message promoted by the author may not be well-received by the local lawn elf.


Ashi said...

great post mA, i hadn't looked at the ending of Ramadhan as you you described it. ameen to your prayer =)

EmptyWords said...

OMIWH... haha...

Nice post... Everything I wanted to say myself

Simply me said...

Hi. I changed my status.

The convo made me laugh hehe.

Thank you. <3

Purple Flowers said...

Great post and Happy Eid!

Kate said...

Happy Eid! And I love your perspective. I hope all can celebrate without discrimination. If it happened to be Christmas, you can bet Christians would be celebrating!

thenerdqueen said...

Happy Eid!

Hopefully the celebrations have enlightened your neighbors.

Wael - said...

I don't think we should call it the "Ground Zero Mosque." That is a phrase coined by Sarah Palin in order to generate opposition to the new Islamic center. You could call it the Park51 Islamic Community Center, for example. But let's not use phrases coined by the enemies of Islam with the deliberate intention of clouding the issue and making us look bad.

Muslim Girl said...

You're right, this Ramadan was definitely eventful, and not always in the best of sense.