Friday, May 27, 2011


It's kinda funny.

But living in America you grow accustomed to feeling that disasters, mass deaths and chaos are things that happen in 'other places', that is minus the random occurrences.

They're things we associate with third world countries, or countries across the sea.
Natural disaster in America?
You think Katrina. And that's pretty much it. And even that feels usually feels like eons ago.

Then again, maybe it's just where I live that our world feels like a bubble. While I'm sure there are plenty of people across our country that don't live in this bubble, there definitely are many more of us that do.
It's this bubble of...Should I call it the feeling of invincibility?

It's kinda funny. But this year, I feel like some force is causing all our bubbles to pop or deflate a little.
And some of us are poking our heads out of our bubbles and going like, "..woah"

Lately I've been feeling the fragility of my bubble like life. Death, like death actually happening because of some crazy force of nature or otherwise, sometimes is starting to feel very much real.

I never gave storms a second thought other than that they were scary or cool. But I never truly feared them.
Tornado siren? Okay. Yeah. Like I'm going to go run to whatever part of the house I need to and take shelter. That only happens at school, when they force you.

But then a week or two ago, when a thunderstorm took out our power, I found myself actually praying to God and asking for forgiveness, a part of me battling away any floating thoughts carrying the previous news headlines.

It probably began with everything the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan. We saw a country, so much more advanced and maybe even more organized than us, being brought to its knees.

Then there were the nuclear power plant fears.

Yahoo's front page in America starting showing articles on what to stock up on in case of a disaster.
Then the tornadoes started to hit.

And we've heard about tornadoes, they come to places like Kansas, whip some trees around, sometimes damage people's houses, but everyone takes cover and they're usually fine.

But the tornadoes this year I guess decided they wanted to try something different.

And now our country sits every week and hears or watches about a slew of tornadoes that killed another X number of people that are living just across the state from us or in the same area as where our family lives.

And the bubble feels thinner every time.

I guess it could be kinda funny. But it's more sad than funny no matter how I think about it.