Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey said goodbye to The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday, May 25. It was a bittersweet moment for fans, but not for her she said. "No bitter, just sweet."

I've been watching Oprah since I was in high school. The controversial subjects rang a bell in my heart, as she discussed everything from polygamy in the U.S. to the effects of child molestation. She reminded us to be aware, be alert.

I also enjoyed the celebrity episodes including the one with Bollywood movie stars Aishwariya and Abhishek Bachan after their wedding.

Yesterday I watched the last show with devotion. There was the usual environment: my nephew whining for the remote and my curious niece asking questions. My son and his toddler cousin were putting on the grown-up's shoes and fighting over toys. I barely moved. Oprah was leaving TV as we know it.

I remember a few years ago I would think of ways to get on her show. I knew it had to be something wonderful and well-thought out. Oprah was good at showing people who they really were.

As a minority figure on television, she marked an era of changing people's lives by leading by example and opening up topics for discussion. She had Muslims, gays, murders, rapers, reporters and survivors on her show. She spoke to celebrities and everyday people about everything from fighting and overcoming abuse, education, fashion, strength, and giving back to the world.

From free giveaways to sharing inspirational messages, Oprah dedicated 25 years of her life to TV and being the change she wants to see in others (Gandhi would be proud).

In her farewell speech to the audience she gave a quick reminder for people to believe in God, and to listen for those whispers in your mind that tell you to move forward and to do what you're meant to do. "I only made mistakes when I didn't listen," she said. "Your life is always speaking to you. First in whispers... If you don't listen to the whisper it gets louder and louder."

The outcome of your life depends on you. "Nobody but you is responsible for your life," she said, "Doesn't matter what you’re momma did, what your father didn’t do."

She said all of her 30,000 guests had one thing in common: the need for validation. "Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?" 

I'm going to miss the 4 p.m. talk show hostess who showed us how to overcome our differences and share humanity; laughter, tears, hugs, and plenty of smiles. 

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Constructive Attitude said...

I was never a big fan of Oprah. I thought she was an amazing women for doing a lot of things she did, but never got into the whole hoopla.

She may be saying goodbye to daytime talk show, but she has a wholeeeee 'nother network now. So for all her fans that are gonna miss her, I'm sure she's not gonna be gone for long, nor will she stop doing what she was doing to make the world better. inshaAllah.

Softly Spoken said...

You're right. She has helped some people kick-off their own shoes and she has the OWN network.

Softly Spoken said...

I meant to say shows!! LOL

Margie said...

I saw the last show and thought it was wonderful!
I enjoyed your post!