Friday, October 7, 2011

Floating hyoid bone: miracles of the body

About three weeks ago I went to see an ear nose and throat doctor, an ENT, to check out the lump in my throat caused from a "choking sensation" and following a 6-hour emergency room stay.

After having two resident doctors and an ENT look at my throat, he said my hyoid bone, located above the thyroid bone, may have slipped out of place. It is the only free-floating bone in our bodies which is snuggled between two muscles. It helps us pull things down (swallow) or pull things up through the throat (vomit?).

The doctors put a slim long tube down my throat, while I said, "e-e-e-e", puffed up my cheeks or swallowed by instruction during a Laryngoscopy, an examination of my throat. My father, who took me to the doctor, watched behind me peeking on at some points and squirming as he saw the long tube make it's way through.

"Looks good," noted the main doctor, who made a few references and points while he explained the different parts of my throat. No allergies or there would be redness at the top of your throat, he said. He also found a node, or a bump, on one side of my throat, but noted it was not cancerous following the tests. Alhamdulillah, thank God.

My visit ended with a prescription for Motrin 800 mg, to be taken as needed. The other option was getting a steroid injection on the left side of my throat where the "lump" hurt. Two Motrin have put me back on track.

So here's to trying to live "back to normal" again.


Kidty said...

I'm gonna say a liitle prayer for,I'm so sorry you suffer so much,I pray that GOD will heal you totally.I really hurt for you.

controlled chaos said...

ooooh I know about the Hyoid Bone!!!!!

alhamdulillah for getting it checked out and being okay

Softly Spoken said...

Thanks Kidty, I'm doing much better! Thank God :)

CC: yup you got that right lol

Constructive Attitude said...


Mrs. Cullen said...

thats the bone people choke when they wanna kill someone

controlled chaos said...

OH mrs. C you are such a guapa