Sunday, April 14, 2013

Since I was a girl
You were my shining star
And when things got dark
You went very far

The place you hold in my heart
Can never be replaced
But sometimes the hurt you inflict
Won't leave without a trace

All my life I struggled to be heard
To find a voice of my own
Now I am flustered
Ugly unknowledgeable barely even grown

Every day I struggle to be someone
Who can one day be respected
But as I grow more and more
I only feel neglected

Who am I, I don't even know anymore
I have turned into something ugly
Once I had spirits high and beautiful
Now I feel unworthy

Who am I in this large picture of life
Once I was your daughter
Now I am a woman, a wife
Now I am a mother.

I have no idea how to take care of myself
I don't know why God held me so high
He lifted my wings
And told me to fly in stride

I'm losing this battle
Of constantly trying to win
To stay on the right path
Without falling into sin


Ghadeer said...

It's beautiful writing.

Anonymous said...

Your post is good. I like style of your writing. So I got pleasure reading it. Thanks a lot!

business litigation florida said...

Hang in there and be strong! You are talented, your writing style and creativity is admirable and is something to be proud of. Great job!

Margie said...

Makes me sad for you but you expressed your feelings very well.

I wish you peace!

Been so long since I have visited here.