Friday, January 18, 2013

Product reviews

I bought two body shop products the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They has a 3 for $30 sale, so I took that as an opportunity to try out their skin care products. I didn't want to spend a lot initially, since I've never tried it out before. So I saved $10 a product which is half off. Not bad at all.  Actually, select body butters are now on sale for $8, if you're interested.

I bought the Macadamia nut deep Repair Masque at Ulta. I've heard great things about it and since my hair is pretty dry, I thought I'd give it a go. I've been using these for a while now and can safely say that I love them! Let's get started on the reviews.

Warning - like my Hunger Games book review earlier, I cannot talk about something for so long haha. I'll just give you my own opinion on the product. For details, please see the links provided. :)

Shea Body Butter 
It's very thick and moisturizing. The consistency resembles cold butter. The first time I tried it I felt like I wasn't able to pick up enough of the body butter and get enough on my skin, but a little goes a long way. I chose the Shea butter, because this one was for extremely dry skin. It smells good. It doesn't feel greasy after putting it on. I usually apply this at night because I don't like how it feels under my clothes when I wear any sort of moisturizer during the day. My skin is soft the next day. I don't do it every night because I forget, but my skin stays moisturized for days after. It's great for dry areas like the elbows.

Hemp Hand Protector
This is by far my favorite! I love this product so much. Some people don't like the smell. I personally don't mind it at all. This is also for very dry to extremely dry skin. My hands don't feel greasy after applying this. Which is very important to me, because one of the reasons I avoid moisturizing is because my hands become slippery. This I can apply during the day and do whatever it is that I am doing.

Macadamia Natural Oil - Deep Repair Masque
This is nice and I did see an improvement in my dry hair. Actually, the top of my head is fine, but the ends tend to dry out and look damaged without serum. What I do is the day after I wash my hair I damp the ends in the sink and put this on. I wait a while, at least 7 minutes then shower, rinsing the product out without using any other hair products. The reason why I do this is because it says to apply it to clean, wet hair. Do you know how long I'd be in the shower for? A long time. Ain't nobody got time for that! And I must have the water running, so it would be a waste of so much water. That is my only "con". If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way. Over all, it smells so good and my hair feels and looks better. It says to not use more than twice a week, which I have not. I feel like I don't need to. I don't think my hair feels greasy at all after. You might feel that if you put too much in, though. For which you might want to use a TINY amount of shampoo to get the excess out. Bon't don't do a full lather because it strips your hair of the oil. My beef with this product is that it says Macadamia Oil, but the first couple ingredients isn't it! Next time I am going to buy plain pure Macadamia Oil and see how it works out. If your scalp isn't dry, I don't suggest putting it all over. Just apply it where needed. My hair really does look shiny without extra serum, though so I'm happy with the results.

I'm in search of a face mask for dry skin that is NOT cucumber melon. I might have to try making my own. Again, if anyone knows of one for dry skin, let me know!

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