Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ranting is very healing

Well you can't prove that ranting is healing. But you certainly can't prove that it's NOT healing.
Anyways, I've had a lot of things that I just want to release. If I come off harshly in my rants, I'm sorry. I'm sure I'll feel guilty enough in a day and come back and edit my post.

1. Can someone PLEASE explain to me if people are actually rude and dumb or they just pretend to be rude and dumb when it comes to people and their pets? Take for example the most popular commentary I get when people come over :
"Oh you have a cat? Oh that's a scary cat.
Oh that's a hugee cat. Like what do you feed it kinda huge.
Oh how long do cats live? Oh that's it?
Oh is your cat still alive?
Oh how long have you had your cat for? So how much longer does it have left?
I don't like cats. At all. Can you make it go away?"

BECAUSE you know that I LOVEE talking about the lifespan of my cat and how yes she still manages to be healthy and alive (alhamdulillah), and how yes she's a freaking Main Coon breed and I'm sorry I don't feel like pointing out that she's actually small for her breed and you're just too intelligent to understand that. You are just so gosh darn freaking smart. I could maybe TRY to understand and not want to rip you apart in my head if you weren't such an insensitive moron. But I won't ever say that, I'll just quietly nod and smile, maybe roll my eyes, until I get sick and tired of every genius that walks in through that door and then just explode on a blog rant. Very healing.

2. "I hate Kim Kardashian/Justin Beiber/ whoever else is the most talked about celebrity."
Honestly, just please shut up. I get it. You're tired of hearing/seeing/learning about them every single day about every single thing they do but it's even more irritating to have to deal with you and your whining and really unnecessary hate. What in the world have they EVER done to you that you just have to make sure to point out to everyone and comment everywhere about your deeply blessed and enlightened irritation of them?
I get that Kim Kardashian got a lot of hate because of what happened with her marriage. But seriously, GET OVER IT. She's over it. SO WHY THE HECK IS THE REST OF THE WORLD SO STUCK ON IT? Has she really done something SO incredibly morally revolting that you will never let go of it and whine till the end of times. Stop going everywhere, stop sharing with everyone, stop crying about it everywhere, stop publishing articles about it. I do not understand why everyone seems to be so stuck on hating everyone else. No, seriously, everywhere I go I just see endless, groundless, humorless, dirty and nasty negativity focused on people that will never interfere with our lives and we will never meet. GAH! MOVE ON.

3. Politics/ US government/elections/laws. Yes some of the things I listed overlap with each other. I don't care. I'm not even going to get into this one. I just can't bring myself to care enough to type an essay on this one. And it would probably at least require an essay to address all the problems. Blah

4. Bigotry. I'm applying this term loosely.
Bigotry has been on a rise. It's being disguised and changed into something that's becoming acceptable and popular. I'm not going to go too much into this one either because there's too much involved. I just wanted to throw in my two cents with what I feel like are unfair prejudices and laws coming up against Hispanics. So here are my two cents: I understand why people are so worried about illegal immigrants and jobs and what nots, but the way several states are trying and have approached this issue is wrong. In a weird way we have given the OK to racial profiling, to ripping families apart, causing mass amounts of people to live in complete fear, to taking away the concepts of freedom, human dignity and hope that America so proudly preaches. I don't know what the answer is to the problems we're facing and I'm not a political science major, but I can tell you what I see and feel. And what I see is something heartbreaking.

5. The drug wars in Mexico.
Can someone please explain to me when the hell did the world become so scary right next door to us and we still live in such ignorance of it? And why the hell in reality is it so impossible to win against the unarguably evil side? It scares me. And it makes me sad.

6. Mean people.
Being mean and writing harshly worded emails against someone for the whole school to see is wrong. I wanted to email you personally and tell you that what you said against that girl was rude and should have been worded better but I never finished my email. I'm passive aggressive and I hate creating conflicts. So I 'm probably never going to send you any emails. Maybe that's also because you weren't really mean just kinda rude . But it was still unnecessary. And I'm annoyed with myself and my random bouts of passive aggressiveness and I'm annoyed with you and your lack of sensibility.

And that's all folks. I'm done. I have so much more I wish I could just let out but this was good. And yeah, kinda healing.

CC, out.

P.S. We're going to be moving to tumblr. I think. Insh'Allah. And maybe the world will hear from us a lot more often than never. insh'Allah.


marjnhjomer said...

i once read somewhere that when we are old and on our deathbed (if we make it that far) we will wish we said what we wanted to instead of holding back. for some reason i think you should send of that email and see what happens. maybe she does it so much she has become insensitive and does not realize. let me know how it goes.

pi said...

i like this even if number 3 is about me haha

Sabirah M said...

I agree with many of your points. I'm so tired of the negativity in the news and all around us really. Hope getting it all out helped and you're feeling better. Stay positive :)