Friday, November 18, 2011

A real friend will laugh at/with you, when you tell them about the student who said that they wanted to kill you...

It's November. School has been in session for 51 days (always seems like much more then it really is). And I havent given you all one update from this school year. My apologies for that.

My new class annoys me. Or did in the beginning of the year. I'm getting used to them though, and missing my former students less and less. They've moved on. Forgotten my name. And have given all their love over to their second grade teacher. Whatevs to them. I dont care.

This year's class was proving to be dull and I didnt have much to share, hence the lack of sharing.

Until this week.

Sure I had some stories. Like this one time when I was blending the word "ditch" with my students and asked them to write it down. And was walking around and noticed that majority of them write their "d" as a "b". I kept wondering why the heck my students were writing b****.

And then the time when I asked a student to use the word "tail and tale" in a sentence and he said "My momma said she gon whoop my tail/tale".

But those are eh.

Anywho,I have a student in my class, who I knew from last year (he was retained). He is a very sweet young man, but when he gets upset, theres chaos. He was put on red for punching his sister (shes also in my class) because she wouldnt let him be first in line (Being first in line is sooooooooooooo important to them). He was upset cause he was on red, so he started throwing a tantrum.And I asked him to leave my room, wash his face, look at how silly he looks, stop crying, drink some water, and come back into the classroom when he's ready.

He was willing to do all of that. But from last year's experience, I knew not to send him anywhere on his own because there was a possiblity he would run away, out the door, and down the street. So I sent one of my reliable student's with him.

And when they came back, the reliable student said "He wants to kill you. He told me so in the bathroom."

"What did he say?"

"Uhh...I want to kill her."

He ended up getting suspended for making a comment like this. For one day. And that was that.

I got home and I told my husband.

He told me to quit.

I told some of my friends.

They were worried and concerned.

I told my mom.

She freaked out. Was worried and concerned. And told me to quit.

And then I told C.C.

And she laughed.

And I laughed right with her, cause it was meant to be a funny story to tell.*

Right? Hahaha?

The end.

*Disclaimer: I understand that sometimes we should be cautious of these things and take them very seriously, what with some kids really coming to school with guns and knives ready to kill somebody. But I know this kid. And as soon as he said it, he regretted it and showed remorse, and apologized. And he received a consequence for it. And everything was okay. Alhamdulilah I am alive.


1900CL. said...

No all threats should be taken seriously,you need to quit this job,thus school did wrong. And yes God does protect us.

Anonymous said...


Are you teaching second grade again this year?

Last year, I was really bummed to see how my student's from the previous year completely forgot about me. They were crying on the last day of school that they wouldn't have me as a teacher the next yr...and at first it went from visiting my smiles...and then I disappeared. Alhamdulillah.

But then this year...I am no longer at that school and I have one student that constantly e-mails me. She tells me how much she misses me and how the other teachers don't understand her. It's surprising to me because I used to be very tough on her. Her e-mails just remind me you reach one student...and it's all worth it :)

EmptyWords said...

hahaha... errr?

The White Haired Demon said...

Oooh you're a teacher? I'd never be able to be one. It would be so fustrating, especially dealing with things such as death threats. Although I guess I'm justing thinking of high-school students. Little kids are OK, I think I was one of the annoying ones - I'd actually prefer threatening than annoying. I think...

I don't know if I'd laugh at a kid making a threat. I'd probably chuckle, check to see if my friend will try to kill ME for laughing at her, and then continue to laugh or stop and don't say anything.

Have a great day!

pi said...

please don't quit your job.