Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do You Believe?

I know not everyone out there agrees with me, but I do believe in  God. I believe that He exists.

Maybe it's selfish but I need Him to exist.

Aside from all the signs of God out there {which I also believed in before I found out that I needed Him}, I think He exists because I need Him to be there for me. I need to know that someone out there is watching over me and has my back.

Maybe some of you don't agree, which is totally fine. I'm just letting you know why I think He exists.

If something goes wrong in my life, I try to remind myself that He's there for me. And that He controls everything that goes on and that it's His will. That what happens to me is probably a test. And His existence gives me hope that things will get better. That's why I need Him there. If He isn't there, then I don't think I could have hope.And without hope I don't think I could be sane. I get a little too emotional and I'm the sensitive spazzy type, so I kind of need this.

Anyways that's all for now. I just wrote this up because I was thinking about it and want to know if you believe in God or not and more importantly why? I know to some it might be a touchy subject, but please, no debates. I look forward to all the answers out there. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mosque by Ground Zero?

Okay so this is a new hot topic in the news.... the building of a mosque blocks away from Ground Zero where the WTC were.

What's the issue?

People associate Islam with terrorists thus a Muslim place of worship seems scary. Why? Media, media, media. The problem is we can't generalize the acts of a small group of extremists who were in the wrong onto a huge population of people. It's just not logical.

Think of this. Of all the psychologists in the American Psychological Association (APA) 5 of them go and commit some sort of attack on some group. Are we then going to say the APA is a hub for terrorists and we should condemn them all? No, absolutely not. The actions of that group of individuals were wrong and they should be condemned. End of story.

And anyhow the building of a mosque would be the last thing extremists want to do. Why? Because a mosque is a place of prayer, tranquility, community, and understanding. It is a house of God and in it are people who believe in the actual tenets of Islam and practice them in their everyday lives. Park 51 would do wonders in New York City. It would be a hub of interfaith dialoge and community building.

A lot of bloggers have written excellent posts on the topic. Check out Sabrina's Slice of Lemon for an awesome article on the issue.

The Daily Show had an awesome segment on it too!

"Indeed there are signs for those who reflect"

Shoulder forward, back, up, down. Good.

Physical therapy is a part of many people's lives - especially in older age. My 64-year-old mother-in-law tore a muscle in her upper right arm while trying to save my baby from falling.

Today was our first trip to see a physical therapist.

The therapist said my mother-in-law's muscle tear was, "the last straw on a camel's back. In other words, it was bound to happen.

A couple reasons she mentioned it could have happened: poor posture when sitting in a chair, straining the arm that's already hurt, and older age.

She now has three daily, hourly and twice an hour "procedures."

Exercise techniques

A combined 4-muscle unit called rotator muscles help your shoulder and arms move. The shoulder bone needs the muscle cushion to help it rotate comfortably in order to give good motor movement.

By excercising there can be an increase of blood flow to the sore area. This will allow the torn muscle to heal and her shoulder bones to go back into the normal position.

On top of sitting up straight without hunching or sitting cross-legged in a chair, my mother-in-law has to pinch back her shoulders, while holding her elbows back, 10 times every hour.

She then has to push her shoulders up, down, forward, and back 10 times, two times every hour.
Lastly she has to swing her body twice a day, by letting her right sore arm fall free style while she props her body on a counter top, leaning on her left hand.

Everyone needs motivation

As a woman of dignity who does practically everything on her own, including taking care of her elderly husband, my mother-in-law shudders at the thought of therapy and exercise. She now has to avoid her daily tasks.

Although my family has been telling her not to pick up the babies, pull large objects, fold miscellaneous things, or vacuum, you can catch her in one of her moments doing all of the above.

Today my sister-in-law and I did the exercises with her to encourage her to progressively move her arm rather than strain it.

I then explained the benefits of moving her arm around: a blood rush to the sore spot that will help heal the muscle.

Exercise and prayer

After returning to my room to pray the last prayer of the day, isha, I realized I was exercising during prayer.

For example, one of the postures requires you to bow down with your head on the floor, with both arms flat on the floor and your bottom has to be in the air while you recite a short prayer, "subhana rabbi wal awwal" or "Oh Lord of the Heavens, I worship you" according to one translation.

This same posture is recommended during pregnancies for round ligament pain recommended by the American Pregnancy Association, which promotes pregnancy wellness.

The association says, "If you are having consistent round ligament pain your health care provider may recommend daily stretching exercises. The most common exercise is done by placing your hands and knees on the floor, lowering your head to the floor, and keeping your bottom in the air,"on its website, www.americanpregnancy.org.

Other exercises in prayer include bending over by placing your hands on your knees, without bending your arms, which is similar to the free fall gravity exercise my mother-in-law has to do.

Since prayers are five times a day, prayers get your heart pumping through the movements.

Not only are you spiritually required to pray, but also you're required to get up and move to complete your worship!

The beautiful thing is Islam makes things that are good for you, obligatory. Islamic prayer combines both physical and mental exercise for a complete "work out."

Things that are bad for you, like drinking, are prohibited.

"Indeed there are signs for those who reflect (30:21)"


- - - - - >

On a side note, here's a blog called "For Those who Reflect"
Symphonic Discord does not necessarily agree with the views of the above mentioned site.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: Mrs. Dependent

Dear Friends,

Its been a while since my last post. But, I’m back. Its been quite a stressful month for me. But I guess its always stressful for me. I always stress myself out. Bad, bad habit. But yeah. I’m moving. To a far away land. Well not that far away. Just another state. That’s a few thousand miles away, I think. I’m really not looking forward to moving away. I’m scared. Especially living alone. Sigh. I still sleep with my lights on, check to see if theres someone in my closet at night, and run up the basement door so no one chases me—type of scared. Sigh.

I hadn’t been thinking about it too much. I guess it hadn’t “hit me.” Until recently. I don’t know when or why it started to hit me all of a sudden, but it did, randomly. I just became really, really sad. But then I was talking to my friend and she was asking me how I was going to handle living alone and then I became really, really scared. So now, I’m really, really sad and scared.

I told my mom I can’t do it. I just can’t. And shes gonna have to stay with me forever.

Anyway, I noticed something though. I always stress and I’m a big complainer about life (bad, bad habit). But if my reality was actually that sad, then I would be glad to move away. And I’m not glad. I’m sad to leave my life here. So, it makes no sense for me to sad all the time when I actually love what I have. YouknowwhatImsayin???


Yours for the sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello my friends,
It's been a weird month. I've been jetting back and forth from MI to Dubai to MI so much that I feel like I have permanent jet lag :/. no worries though, I shouldn't be complaining. On this last excursion I had the biggest epiphany, and the most uncomfortable stench surrounding me. Let me explain. I started smoking due to stress related reasons, I went crazy and binge smoked for a week before my 13 hr flight. Not a good idea. I got on the plane and then fainted on my sister and then puked. twice. yup. that was my trip. It made me realize that smoking might just not be for me. I've quit ever since then- which i'm sure Controlled Chaos, will be thrilled to read :). Anyways, so i'm in the beautiful city of DC- or should I say crowded? AND super effing HEATED. This city can get HOT. But I like it. The locals are all dressed in suits and business casual, you can hardly find a slacker looking man/woman anywhere on these streets- well to be fair I am staying near Capitol Hill.

So what's going on in the world? Well, BP finally stopped the leak- for now. They capped it and are deciding to leave it that way for now even though their are some suggesting that the integrity of that cap might disintegrate further on in time- but who cares, it's capped right?
There's supposed to be a meeting tomorrow where President Karzai will declare that the Afghan troops will take over the main security of their country by 2014, what happened to 2011? is really all I want to know. I'm pretty sure the President- our President- was clear that we would leave Afghanistan by July 2011. But I guess these things drag on, something we should all be painfully aware of after 9 years of war.
Speaking of war, Iraq isn't exactly a bed of peace and roses just yet. A suicide bomber let one rip killing at least 43 people. It was assumed he was targeting Sunni militia members, because the bomb occurred outside a line where the militiamen were waiting to get paid. AND on the same day, another suicide bomber targeted a meeting of Sunni militia leaders and killed at least 3 people.
Um..lets see what else is going on? Well Palin doesn't want the building of the Cordoba House, a Mosque planned to be built on Ground Zero; Mexican drug cartel burst in upon a birthday party and shot the place up, killing 17 people; I heard Inception was a good movie, breaks box office record- oscar anyone?; and jobless-ness is at 9.5%. I think thats it, until next time- seyonara folks!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

You're Going Places, Baby!!

Amira over at The Strangers Diary gave us this award the other day. Yayy. <3 I heart awards.

"The rules of this award are to write down where you see yourself being in ten years and to then pass this award on to ten people."

Sounds easy enough. 
In ten years I'd like to see myself 
1. As a doctor, inshaAllah. Working part time, and having fun the rest of the time {pffft yeaaha right ;)}
2. Married
3. maybe even have some snotty {not literally eew} kids. Hopefully I'll love them anyways. JAY KAY. I know I will...I think. 
4. Traveled at LEAST 5 or 6 countries. I really love travelling. Provoking Invoking is my travel buddy. As of now, we're exploring the Greater Detroit area. :)
5. I want to have learned to LOVE MYSELF the way I am.
6. I'd like to see myself as a stronger individual, instead of the sap I am today.
7. I'd like to be less socially retarded.

Well, the last three are personal development things I hope to work on and I'll love it if I achieve those three. And now I must pass this on to ten people. And it's so hard giving out awards. SO many great bloggers, it's frustrating choosing. Anyways, I'll be around with another awards update soon because we have two more to give out. Miao.
  1. Soda and Candy
  2. Heckety
  3. MaryAnne
  4. Madame Lefty
  5. Kate
  6. Marjnhomer
  7. C
  8. BubbliMuslima
  9. Mark
  10. Pilgrim Chick

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission: Impossible...unless it's Walmart?

I started today with a mission: To organize and re-decor my house with as little money as possible and only with things that I deem as necessary

Medical school's starting in one month insh'Allah (read: Please Don't Let anything go wrong God)...and I'm imagining my home, functioning in a way that is least stressful for my parents (Let's face it...what WILL they do without me?) and easily as possible to maintain for my brothers, though they probably don't have the word 'maintain' anywhere near their human capabilites (insert: Frustration)

I mean I'm not saying I'm the most organized or the type that's a walking Mr. Clean commercial either, but I'm not as bad as my brothers, or so I tell people.

So I went to the mall today looking for some things, like a new toothbrush holder, the kind that won't accumulate water at the bottom of it, and a new way to organize the spoon drawer so the contents don't explode on whatever idiotic guest that opens it, and a small china cabinet like thing so I can free up some space for dishes, and a dish rack so the dishes can dry on that instead on whatever else that is used as a replacement (my brothers are the geniuses in charge of the dishes) and a couple other things.

I hit up T.J.Maxx, see some promising things, call my mom and she says "You'll find it for cheaper at a Dollar store"

I hit up a Kitchen wares store, and my mom can't figure out how to work the texting on her phone to check the pictures I texted to her.

I hit up another store...Nothing. My mom calls and wants to know when I'm going to the Dollar store.

I go home. Grab my mom and go to DOLLAR KINGDOM. ( I dunno why that's in all caps, I'm kinda imagining those loud, ominous voices saying it followed by thunder)

And we don't find ANYTHING there.

Then Kmart. And it's actually, get this, the most expensive store.

At the very last minute before reaching home we hit up my mom's Disney World -Walmart.

And Thank God, I got to buy a couple of things . Yeah yeah, I have my qualms about Walmart too. But I dare not express them with the possiblity of my mom getting irritated and wacking any and all qualms out of me for the sake of "common sense"


To end my day, I almost hit a lady while reversing my car in the parking lot. It's not that I wasn't checking but this other car was standing behind me and I was staring at it and trying to reverse out so I wouldn't hit it. And I see a blur of pink speed walking. Brake my car. And hear a scream.
Well, it was more of a gasp-scream. And the blur of pink walks past me motioning at me...threateningly. I started apologizing to her. And the lady who was in the car that was distracting me rolls down her window, throws me a dirty stare, and asks the lady if she's okay.

Yeah I felt pretty bad. Thankfully she was fine. The blur of pink didn't see my car getting ready to get out probably cuz the car next to me was blocking her view and she was walking in a real hurry.

Mehh.. I started feeling a little better after some time. But my mom got really paranoid after that. She pointed out ANY and EVERY thing that was even trying to enter my field of vision the entire ride . (Insert: Exhausted by the time I reached home)

CC, out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

You're a waka, waka

So I'm not a big fan of music. Meaning, that I don't really listen to music. I won't recognize the songs played on the radio. I won't know the names of a lot music artists, singers, and their relations.

Like if that topic comes up in a quiz game...you can count on me missing most of the questions.

I mean, I know some of the more basic things in music or pop culture. And I do listen to songs, just not like most people. It's not that I live under a rock or anything. I just, I dunno, don't always listen to music. Sometimes when I listen to a song I hear noise. And I'm the type that gets songs stuck in my head pretty fast and never know the lyrics past the first line of the chorus... so I avoid music cuz it's irritating when you keep singing:

Baby are you down, down, down, down, down
Dowwn Dowwwnnn

Baby are you down, down, down ,down, down
Downnnn, Dowwwnn....Dowwnnn Dowwwnn.....Baby are you down, down, down, down? Dowwwn Dowwwnnn

.......Um..Baby are you...Dowwwnn Dowwwwnnn

SO Yeah that's how songs go for me. I also try to avoid most mainstream music for a bigger reason as well, because of the connotations and themes they usually hold and our religion's disapproval of it.

BUTTTT, yes there is a but to all this..there usually is, lately Shakira's Waka Waka has really grown on me. When I first heard the entire thing I thought it was a pretty lame song.

Now, I just enjoy watching the video...It keeps the memory of the World Cup alive...and I love that. And I use 'waka waka' randomly through conversations. It just always seems to fit RIGHT IN. And for all I know I could be saying, 'idiot idiot' or 'i win, i win' everytime.

By the way, was anyone else ecstatic that Spain won?!!! And basically still is?

It's a pretty freakin amazing feeling when the country you've been rooting for since the very beginning ACTUALLY wins and doesn't just get jinxed by me rooting for it, though usually my jinxing ability is pretty strong ...take the US and Brazil for example
I guess Paul the octopus should be hailed for thankfully being my antagonist and the world's hero. (Yes the world, cuz we all know Dutch supporters wanted Spain to win deep, down inside...just perhaps rrrreally deep down).


Waka waka

-CC out

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Wedding Season

My friend got married recently. Indian weddings in India aren't the same as Indian weddings in America. Or weddings in America in general.
  • Indians like to invite everyone to their wedding. Friends, coworkers, friends of friends and coworkers, the mailman, the guy who made the jewelry. My cousin is getting married and I can invite however many people I want. Usually a couple hundred people attend a wedding.
  • Because so many people are invited, they have dinner in rounds, or sitting, as they call them. First sitting is the best because you're eating from unused plates and spoons and bowls and stuff. Second sitting, well, you'll notice the difference. Yuck. SO when dinner comes around everyone tries to get the first sitting. I usually succeed. I'm small, I can run between people's legs and get to the table quick.
  • The chairs are generally those ugly plastic chairs. Sometimes they cover them, but mostly the first two or three rows are nice for family and closer people. And plastic for everyone else. I mean, there are SO MANY PEOPLE, it's hard to accomodate.So I understand. No matter how rich one is, if there are a lot of people invited, there will be plastic chairs at 99% of the weddings.
  • If you try to make it a small, personal wedding you might get death threats and a million "HOW COULD YOU!? We're practically family!!"'s from the mailman or your grocer.
  • Food is served late. I mean 10:45 PM late. I mean the other day I arrived at 9:45 for the wedding. NINE FORTY FIVE PEE EM, people. And I was right on time. I am a sucker for punctuality, but not when it applies to weddings here. I will not sit there and starve. I'd rather have my first dinner at home, then my second dinner 3-4 hours later. But the food is also delicious. It's usually worth it.
Now for the better part of the weddings:
  • Anyways, the stage usually is really festive and flowery and pretty. The bride here sits on a pretty velvety thing on the stage that's embellished in gold stuff. I don't know what it's called and I don't have a pic. Later on because probably her feet are all cramped, they get her a chair to sit on. Here's the stage. And the chair.

  • Here, Muslims wear something called a Khada Dupatta. It's basically wearing a long top and pants and then being wrapped up in 6 meters of fabric. I used to hate it but now I love it. Even though I find it difficult to walk in. Only royalty used to wear these dresses, and I like to think of myself as such. So I shall wear this dress. Seriously, though, with jewelry, and if you wear it right, it looks grand. The first photos is a really simple, non-bridal one. The second is a bridal one. But the brides here wear heavier ones this is also pretty light in comparison and I can't find a heavier one online and I don't want to post photos of my friends up here for religious reasons as they aren't covered up properly.
  • Oh, and she also has henna on her hands and feet. Usually up to the elbows and a mid-calf. 

    I think that's pretty much it. I haven't really shared my India experience yet, and I have lot of things to write about, but don't know where to start. So I thought I'd start with something cultural before I get into the people and other things that make me want to strangle this country. Byeee. 
    Oh, and I have a bad habit of complaining. So if I complain, which is ALWAYS, please slap me. or at least remind me to shut up and be grateful for everything in my life. :)

    *Oh, and the two pics of the stage are my photos and the others are courtesy of google.
    ** I did something and the alignment of the post is off and won't fix itself. Sigh. Bye, again

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mind your own beeswax. haha. ohh elementary school.

 A few weekends ago we had people from out of town. There's this guy who is friends with my dad. And then there's his wife. His wife is "nice" and "sweet", but she has one major issue: she points out people's flaws and mistakes in front of others. In an unkind manner. And does so in a holier-than-thou attitude that can be highly offensive and a huge turn off.

They didn't stay at our house but we did meet at parties and other social gatherings, so I was wearing Indian clothes to said parties because that's what Indians do. Indian clothing generally is loose and long and flowy. Anyways, she asked me for places where she could get nice {western} tops for her daughter's graduation since she wouldn't have time to go shopping when they got home. I gave her the address to a mall nearby which had just about every juniors clothing store so they'd have a lot of places to choose from rather than having to mall hop.

The same night we met at yet another party {it was a busy busy weekend and Indians like any excuse to get together to eat} and I asked her if she found any clothes. And she said no, her daughter doesn't like to wear short and tight clothes like I do, so they didn't find anything.


I got offended.

They way she put it was that I wasn't a good Muslim or inferior to her and her daughter. She hasn't seen me in western clothing, because we only meet at parties where Indian clothes are worn so I don't know where she got off on the idea that I dress like that. She could have simply said she didn't see anything she liked.

Maybe I don't dress exactly the way Muslims are supposed to, but:
  1. She hasn't seen me in western clothing so how could she make such a statement.
  2. Maybe she thought I dress a certain way because of the stores I referred her to? That's stupid. Where in the US in a mall are you going to find a store with only Islam appropriate clothing??
  3. There's a way to tell people you're doing something wrong. 
Either way, she didn't need to say it like that.I think it was uncalled for and rude.
    Regarding number three; the prophet Muhammad {peace be upon him} never ever criticized people in front of anyone. If he had to correct someone he would do it in such a way that they wouldn't get offended. He did it indirectly so the person wouldn't feel singled out. The best example I can think of at the top of my head is when the prophets grand kids were washing for prayer and there was an old man doing the same. They noticed that he was doing it the wrong way but felt it wasn't right for them to tell him since they were so much younger and thought maybe he would feel disrespected. Instead, they went to him and basically asked him which of the brothers were correct in washing for prayer because each of them felt the other was doing something wrong. Each boy performed it perfectly and let the man decide. He man realized that he was doing it wrong and problem solved without making him feel inferior/bad about himself.

    I have my flaws, and she has hers. Nobody is perfect. I've seen her speak to many people like that and it turns people away even more. Good character is part of being a Muslim. What brought people to Islam is the good character Muslims are supposed to have. Muhammad was one of the most influential people of all time and it was because of his character. NOT because he prayed to God all day long in a corner, or called people out on their flaws.

    Nobody is perfect. Maybe she's stronger in areas I am lacking and vice versa.

    Outward appearance doesn't necessarily clue you in to what kind of person one is. I know many women who don't wear hijab and are so so so much better than people who do wear it. And I've met so many amazing people and know so many good people out there regardless of beliefs. You can't judge a person based on their outward appearance. Or even what you see or think you know about them.

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Diaries of a Newlywed

    Hello world. I'm sorry I've been so MIA these days.

    So I got married.

    3 weeks ago.

    And life as we know it is completely different from there on.

    Some noteworthy things to know for all you haven't gotten married and moved in with a man yet...

    1. Having a nickname to refer to your husband is cool. I refer to mine as The Hubster. I think Ford should name a car after it.
    2. The male race is so weird. Seriously, they are so different and abnormal. I come from a house filled with all girls and my dad so living with a man alone is just plain strange.
    3. Setting up your own house is so fun but tiring. Thank God for bridal registries...it saved us a million shopping trips to get random things like sheets, lamps, forks, etc. All we had to do was organize all our furniture and decorations. Guess what? The house is so cute now...it's exciting starting from scratch. The next feat we have is painting. Maybe next month...
    4. Don't try to be the perfect wife. You'll just end up spoiling your man and then he'll just expect you to be that perfect wife for the rest of your life. My philosophy is to give him a little at a time so he's more appreciative later on when I'll do more. So far I haven't even cooked a meal in the house. I think next week that bone will be thrown.
    5. Even though married life takes a lot of work it's fun, especially racing up and down the stairs. Hopefully five years down the road I can say the same...

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    My favorite thing to do.

    I like being busy. I like having something to do. And I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines. Any type of deadline will do. Be it an exam, a paper or a things-to-do list of errands a mile long that has to be done by X date. I hate it but I *love* it. I love having a list of things to cross off. It makes me feel so 
    productive, so accomplished. Especially when I take my pen and draw a line across the last task.


    Does this qualify me as a nerd? A dork? A loser? I can't decide!! I like studying and all the stresses that come with it. I need to be busy. It doesn’t have to be work or school related. I just need things to do; I need things to keep my mind preoccupied. Which is why I have post-deadline anxiety. After everything is done, what else is there for me to do? I have no life. There’s only so much shopping, novel reading and movie-watching one can do without starting to feel like someone who hasn’t accomplished anything in the world.

    I needed a hobby. Hobby is such a funny word. I'm so random. Do people ever ask you what your hobbies are? I feel like I'm lying and so typical and unoriginal when I say reading. Or writing. Books are good and fun and everything but I can’t do that all day. Sitting and reading all day long makes me feel like a lump. TV has a much worse effect, of course, but I need to keep my mind stimulated. Or at least feel creative in one way or another.

    I noticed a lot of girls here put henna on. For fun. They’ll come to class and they’re hands would be stained with a beautiful saffron shade and a pretty design. I WANTED PRETTY HANDS, TOO! But I wanted to be able to do it. Henna is really common here and Indians usually do it for special occasions and sometimes Muslims do it on holidays. Anyways, I’d pick up a henna cone and start piping it onto paper, my hand, my mom’s hands, anybody’s hands. I’d practice whenever I’d get bored or had some down time. I love doing it. I love making pretty designs and I love the deep red stain it leaves behind. The stain lasts for about 5-7 days usually, and then begins to fade. It isn’t harmful to the skin, unless you use black henna, which contains strong chemicals like HAIR DYE and you should never put on your skin because I’ve seen reactions and they are really scary.

    Anyways, I like it. It's fun. This I can do all day long. I'm far from being an expert and have to still work on it, but it makes me happy happy. <3



    henna after

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    I'm so 2000 and late

    I didn't get my first real cell phone until the second year of sophomore year of college. That would be 2005/2006. Nowadays everyone is so technologically advanced that it's really hard to keep up. One of my students saw my phone today, and asked if my phone flipped two ways. And I replied in the negative. I just recently upgraded. Two types of flip is way too advanced for me.

    I currently settled on this bad boy because of technical difficulties with the others:

    Anyways, apparently his cell phone does. He's eight years old. What does he need a cell phone for? What does anyone under the age of 18 need a cell phone for?

    When I was in undergrad and I needed to contact someone----which really wasn't anyone except my dad to tell him to pick me up, because well, another thing I'm late in doing, is getting my license-----I would go to a pay phone.

    I would find loose change in my purse and call my dad. Yes, I did feel super lame doing it and was just as equally embarrassed. My parents didn't think it was a necessity at the time, so they didn't get me one.

    Currently, if you don't have a phone by the time you are in middle school, you are uncool. Why?

    And just a year ago, I finally gave in and got unlimited texting and learned the functions of texting with T9. But even with texting, I've realized that I'm behind because I don't have a keyboard on my phone.

    For most of my life, my family has had one of these as well:

    Yup, with the bunny ear antennas and everything.

    We didn't get a newer T.V. until about two or three years ago. And even that's not plasma/flat screen T.V.

    Just recently, like two weeks ago, I made my first purchase of my very first laptop. Alhamdulilah. And had my first web cam conversation/chat with my cousin. Lol. It was very entertaining.

    Obviously I'm extremely slow when it comes to catching up with the 21st century.

    Eh, whatever floats ones boat, right?

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    A Muslim Yankee in Dubai


    Let me tell you guys is not all that its hyped up to be. I mean yeah it's a pretty cool place but that whole Oo La La feel that everyone gives or the whole, I luv Dubai...I dunno.

    Maybe I came in expecting too much.

    Yes, well, that could be a possibility.

    But Dubai, in my opinion, seems to beat America as the 'Melting Pot'. You see a true mixture of people. And not the kind of diversity where everyone seems to have wrapped themselves into their own little boxes.

    While Dubai does seem to be the leading forefront on the most shnazzy looking buildings and construction/architecture miracles...well let's just put it this way, I can't go into the tallest building in the world because there's a waiting list to get in and it's still being constructed...same goes for the world famous 7 star hotel and that palm thingy that they built on a man-made island.

    I've had my share of Oohs but I'm still sitting around waiting for something to hit me and be like Oh la la Dubai is so amazing

    Don't get me wrong. It's pretty dang cool but I guess my expectations were raised too much.

    On the BIG PLUS side, there's Muslim eatables everywhere aka Halal food aka Kosher food for Muslims aka meat and food that is lawfully allowed for Muslims.

    So that means all those years worth of commercials that have tortured me from KFC, Chili's, T.G.I Friday's will insh'Allah (God willing) be shoved back in THEIR faces. Because I will have (insh'Allah) tried that food!!!!

    P.S. Some of these opinions have a chance of changing after maybe I have explored Dubai a little more. And that was my disclaimer to all Dubai amazonian patriots...if any.